Birthday Celebrations with Grandpa

Me & My Grandpa - He's 82 years young & FUN!

I can not begin to express how much I love my daughter right here... Eye love her with every fiber of my every being - mind / body / heart & soul... Truth is gold!

If there is anything  my grandma taught me that was valuable, it is this, get him & Keep him!

My Beautiful Grandma, keeping it Locked down...

she's Truth!

And he's always looking for the nearest liquor store! lol 

My Beautiful (inside / outside ) galactic cousins with their Grandpa too 

 It is felt by the entire earth how much I LOVE this kid right here... Words will never be able to convey the overflowing & infinite LOVE this heart, mind, body & soul carry for my earthly nephew.. bond super priceless... 

Enchanting Babbler, live in the Flesh! IT FEELS absolutely WONDERFUL to BREATHE & FEEL alive!

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Cousin Love 

These Two right here.... ARTIFACTS!

Family Harmony !!!

Beautiful as Always 

Twin Rae SOul Ties are Forever Lasting... 

Meet my Dad :) 
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Meet my gorgeous nephew... 
He is always THANKFUL for you visiting his Titi here in Enchanting Babble Land..


#Love and #Light


ThankYOU for simply being...

Blessings to you ALL (even to the haters and naysayers and two faced players) 

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