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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Are there Two Suns in our skies?

This morning I swear I saw two Suns in the sky while riding the nj transit. I always do sun meditations and there are many things I get to see during my meditations but this morning was very different ...

I always notice in the sun / around the sun there appears to be another sun within the sun or maybe hovering over it or around it .. I do not mean the Rays that radiate from the sun or the solar energies and lights that can be seen .. I mean an entirely different most separate other sun looking thing with the sun we think we only see most times. I see this constantly. But today they became two Suns. I must of blinked I do not know .. But there were two. At first I'm like maybe I'm tripping and of course I blink and try to refocus and adjust my eyes. But I've learned to not resist when I'm flowing into rhythm and allowing myself to really SEE all that exists around me ...

So now there are two Suns in the sky. Side by side but not touching. There was enough space in between and both were pulsating and vibrating vibrantly. They were NOT identical looking either. I realized they were really there when the train would pass the factories and buildings that would block my sun view but the moment the train passed any buildings or factories that didn't allow me to see - the two Suns were BAM right back where I had left off moments ago visually seeing - before any interruption. 

I desire for more people to SEE ..

What's really REAL guys ??

It's time to open our EYES & expand our minds and REALIZE that there is so much more to this life. 

So of course my morning sun meditations and visions that were actually there - most vivid vision I have ever seen if you ask me - well in sharing with my friend they mentioned something about binary stars or something in that nature so of course I begin my quest / search for further knowledge and understanding and see what resonates as truth for me and I stumbled across this interesting little article .. Either way my meditations and hunger for more evolutionary growth and expansion I happily share with you all a part of my forever growing journey. 

Believe as you wish, but as you do, Keep in mind, there is more to this life and our way in is to strip ourselves naked of everything we think we know and learn our golden wonderland of flow and learn as we go. 

More research and reading for me it's how I live to breathe... Connectivity is like a live hot circuit wire sparking every which way ..

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