Have you ever had a Past life recall experience?

Last night I had a most amazing / I will say profound / past life recall experience that had me hysterically crying / continuously .. throughout the course of my night.

 My daughter was hysterically laughing at me of course. It was even most difficult to verbally express out loud, making it audible and ever more real ...

and that was the deal ..
as this most simple & it just makes absolute sense to me recall of connecting with other life beings in previous lives ... 
it is a most touching / uplifting / cry your heart out in complete recognition .. of how deep we truly are ... and how what's connected with passion and devotion with emotion, will always find its way back to you ...

Eye swear this to be truth ...

meditation wonderland .. 
Waking up with chinky eyes ..
reminder of those most precious cries ..
Smiling as I look up in my infinite skies ...
Feeling refreshed, reborn and free ..
Free to continue my own journey of inner connectedness to all that I am, with all that is, and all that is all. 

I woke up feeling still very delicate and emotional but super joyful, feeling blessed and grateful and happy. Happy with my souls artistry into my own becoming.  

People will always see light and still scrutinize and try to lower you back to where the sun don't shine. Tell them bitxhes to get in line. Do not let their vines televise what isn't right. Let them speak for themselves & funk them all. 
I seriously have no time for not any
One of you & there are a few who can get a clue, it ain't about you boo! 

On that free throw of poetic snow just wanted to let ya know ..

Love is all I will ever see ..
be ..
Breathe ..
Your attack on me, is really to yourself .. Do you see ?? 

These words escaping from within me ..
reminding me about what is to be ..

My time is always going to be right now ..

Somehow, somewhere over the rainbow 
Pigs eat other pigs and tell the other pigs how to live ..
animal farm ..
Where do these images come from ??

We think we imagine, but what is imagine really ?? Does imagine not feel real to you ?? So what's the deal, does what we imagine mean that it is real? And if so, at what point in time was it real?? 

It is said we can not imagine or visualize something that we do not know, and yet our imaginations when we allow
Them to take flight , we become
These artist creating
This art ..
Art an imitation of life ..

What life ??
Who's life ??
When was this life ??

If we can not conceptualize nor therefore express in any way anything in which we do not know to be or exist. Then where does art come
From ? 

What are creations ??

What does it really mean to imagine ???

Did I just twist your world a little further ?? Psychological disorders ?? Or is there more to ourselves then we will ever realize / conceptualize ..

My god .. Open your EYES ..
decalcify your mind ..
Limitless are we to be free and explore our unknowns ..
Do not be afraid ..
Do not be afraid ..
You have done this all before ..
You know a part of you knows a way lot more ..
Open your door ..
Close your eyes ..
See inside your third eye rise ..
Demons are the illusions in this life ..
Breathe in new life ...
Rebirth our right 

Love on highest rise ..
Changing tides ..
I'm super excited to witness the effects of this cosmic love super blast. 
Be on highest alert 
Super soaker blaster ..

What is babble without any rattles ??
Shake your tail feathers and dance into the life that you dream. Hop off other peoples shit and get on your own hit spectacular mix. Instead of exploding bombs, be the bomb. Inside and out. 


Let's all reap wonderfully the beautiful energy that we sow into this world. 


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