Solar Meditation Visions

So yesterday while engaging in some solar meditations this is what I was gifted to see ..

I wish I could draw exactly how it is I perceived. Remember energy and rays are translucent when seen visually. But still all the more powerful. 

There was this bright aura radiating far and wide encircling the sun in the shape of that triangle up there.  What appeared to be a huge silver lining streaked through the center of the sun expanding on out.  There was this powerful lock of two circles locked together circulating in rhythm like two hoola hoops going in opposite directions as if performing some ultimate illusion of all time.  The energy that was pulsating and showing itself to me was extremely intense.  It was a very powerful solar moment and I feel blessed to have been able to witness. 

What does it all mean? 

I have no clue.

But in mentioning it to a friend, she mentioned immediately what came to her mind, which was the Star of David.  She also stated it has now begun.  Not too sure what that all means, but this energy in the air that I feel, CHANGE is happening NOW. 

Yesterday was a woozy kinda day for me. I was dizzy all day.  It felt as if I was tripping on acid.  Very trippy day indeed and I am grateful to be able to share with you all.

Thank you for visiting Enchanting Babble - You are AMAZING!

Have a most blessed memorial Day weekend.

Remember if you happen to be at 6 flags Great Adventure tomorrow. It seems I am 3rd wheel and may need a partner for some rides.  So definitely do say Hi :)

NOW is OUR time to have the TIME of OUR LIVES.


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