Enchanting Soul Guidance made for YOU

After much divine prayer, meditation & Guidance, eye happily present to YOU ALL my enchanting SOUL GUIDANCE heavenly offer created with the divine PURPOSE of being affordable & available to ALL souls reaching out for guidance / direction / motivation / encouragement. Offering service to Souls in need. Part of my own public sharing &  discovery has in fact been a LIFESTYLE Of mine for 20+ years.  I have been doing this for over 20 years, offering  soul guidance, readings, healing in various shapes & forms. Eye have learned the true VALUE & WORTH of my knowledge, time, gift, compassion, dedication & WORK that eye put in each and every single day. I wish 2continue this chosen path. I intend on making a little video explaining this in depth further for whole understanding of truly what this offer means to you & any1 interested in receiving this form of guidance & approach that are divinely designed to connect & resonate with your soul inner divine, helping you realign with clarity, purpose and focus as you continue along your path / journey. I have never done this for the $$ and have no intentions of making this about $$ either. I would love to be of service in a realistic way that never closes the door to anyone in need. Donations / Bartering / Even Exchange / for me is what this offer is all about building a COMMUNITY of unity dedicated to service & EMPOWERING our souls to rise .. My desire to energize and vibe together with you lifting passed every block as we reach our infinite skies. So this donation based / bartering is my Enchanting offer to the world. Offering time slots for people requesting SOUL TALK 1 on time with me. I will do this timed sections of 15-20 minute scheduled personal one on one time sessions that are booked with me by APPOINTMENT ONLY. If you have any further questions as to the workings of these making FEEL FREE to send all your inquiries to EnchantmentsTherapy@Gmail.com #ThankYou #EarthAngel #Soul #Empowering #Services #Supernatural #Cosmic #Wonderland #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy #Donations #Bartering #Fair #Even #Exchange #trade #Value #Worth #Community #Spirit #TarotReadings #Runes #Channeling #Meditations #Inspirations #Motivational #Tuesday 

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