Crystal Heart Choker for Sale W/Free Reading

Be Adorable. beCute. be sexy.  be YOU & let your Soul shine with these Super CoOL & Affordable Chokers handmade With LovE,   Crystal Heart Chokers, stimulating throat Chakra LOVE inspirations. May LOVE radiate your entire being & everywhere in your life. Discover your HaPpY everyday. Radiate Joy & together let's  Be the Change WE Wish To See In ThisWorld .. Which btw is  Energetically Shifting for the Better WoOhOo. May your attitude be one of constant patience, love & Gratitude gifting the world your ArTituDe wonderland of Creations. This here chokers are a most proud, #Mum&Me Divine artistic collab << Mother & Daughter ... We get to spend some Magical Creating time manifesting into existence awesome Gypsy Jewelry Fashions & the highlight of it all is that we get to do it TOGETHER>> no matter the hustle & bustle of life .As we are all Living on the go. Here we are a mother & daughter duo, serving a higher greater purpose, energizing these healing Crystal choker creations as we rock out in them ourselves & share it with the world lol. We all know the power behind prayer that is love filled, another form of intentionally driven  meditations serving a focused purpose &when2 or more join along in prayer & meditation.Its like a super cosmic soaker of an energetic blast bestowed unto the world, same goes with these chokers meant 2be a supernatural blessing 2its wearer. Growing our shared wardrobe of Gypsy Arts accessories handcraft fashionable closet & happily share with all. These are truly all made With LOVE.And I still swear there is no love as grand as a mothers love for her child.Most HapPy of an Everyday to be able to express ourselves authentically free .. Souls are meant to soar & Rise .. Rise & Shine & please do take a looks y at all the latest Gypsy Closet Fashions Eye will be Sharing with you All .. Limited 1 of a kind styles. First come, first serve. Fashion with Soul Purpose #EnchantingBabbler #HollywoodsGypsy #Handcrafted #MadeWithLove #Fashion #Accessories #Trendy #Cute #Adorable #Healing #Crystal #Chokers #For #Sale #Spring #Summer #Fashions #FREE #Tarot #Rune #Oracle #Reading .. FREE 1 QUESTION reading with This Mum&Me Crystal Choker Collaborations 
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