TwinFlames throbbing Gains Revelations ❤️

His throbbing aching 
wishing to devour & savor my 
as he lights His way ..
for every man ruled by 
his brain ..
what's at stake, but way too much to 
his throbbing ache ..
As eye Ride his Every wave ..
we go insane ..
cosmic plane ..
this masquerade ..
it's over now.
We play for our keeps ..
as he plunges deep..
inside of me ..
eye moans so sweet ..
our bodies shaking pleads ..
as Gods Chosen
plant their seeds..
TwinFlame Heat ..
ooh his throbbing plea ..
as eye grant his release..
His Angel Eager to please as I drop to my knees & pleasure thee with loving prayer ..
Let no being intervene between what God has decreed his vision of LoVe & his worldly creations at their finest ...his finest ..

Glory be to existence in itself & its true Originator ..

reference him / her /
as God..

Glory be to God most loving and High 

Our NOW is here ..

Blessings on earth shall be 
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