Royal Rune Reveal Of Blank Rune Symbology

THANK YOU @s_m_2212 this evening for your inquiry we are presented with the Blank Rune also called Wyrd. Although the existence and meaning of this rune is more modern in belief, it's existence still showing its power in our lives. Wyrd, a word that literally means fate. The Norns were said to weave the web of Wyrd, in other words, creating the destiny to which we are all, individually bound. In turn, according to some myths, the Norns were the daughters of a mysterious Goddess called Wyrd, who seems to be little more than a personification of their collective function. One interpretation of the blank rune is that it signals that fate has taken a hand in your affairs and that you should look no further into the reading. However, this is a function that is already present in the Elder Futhark, rune found under Pertho. The meaning of this rune has been believed that it should be taken to mean the individual fate that is your Birthright. In expresses the karmic debt, which many believe has been carried over from previous lives. It is believed the most important elements if life is already predestined then that would mean nothing can be done to change them.  Hold faith and believe in your path as it shall succeed. When the blank rune turns up, it means that you are reaching such a point and that there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it. Release the control you feel you should have in holding onto tightly in fear of not having things as you wish for them to be for fate has already intervened on your behalf. Although free will exists, at this moment events will go as they have been ordained. This rune indicates major changes in your life and it is believed any inquiries you have about this time in your life should remain unanswered and instead lived thru in absolute unwavering Faith in the desired outcome you dream. Namaste #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy #RoyalRuneReveal #esoteric #Divine #Spirituality #Guidance #wisdom #Soul #Empowerment #Spiritual #Lifestyle #Adjuster #Cosmic #Gratitude #Ancient #runes #Symbols for your personalized one on one reading kindly email : 
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