HEALING PRAYERS for our WORLD run by tyrannical Monsters

How eery to wake up with news of the bombing inside of the airport after having a dream of woman on the train with me who attempted to leave a bag on the train as she got off. When I saw this in my dream, I got up, grabbed the bag and tried to pass it to her before she completely got off the train. She didn't want to take it. Something felt off about the entire thing. I even looked back at another passenger and said, when you see something, SAY something and then I threw the bag at the woman. That's all I remember at this time from my dream. But the instant of reading about what has taken place in another part of our world makes me ever so sad to know that this is the kind of cruel planet with people so evil that they have no regard for the lives of other people. Like wtf when will this madness stop. This is why I don't fkn watch the news, read no damn papers .. NOTHING!! People always shocked to my lack of knowings in whatever is going on in this planet of ours. I'm
Sorry but I refuse to feed the energy this media world and social networking attempts to create by feeding us all this world of pain and absolute misery.  I'm not that fkn pawn on the chess table. I knew I woke up funky today and now I understand energetically speaking more so why now this is the case. How safe are we really when at any given instant .. BOOM .. Just like that .. Our lives, in the hands of others, OVER!!

Eye Am Angry ..
Eye feels this pain ..
And my heart goes out to all those suffering all across this world .. Not just for those involved in any way with this particular incident. My healing Vibes are ricocheting all across our shared UNIVERSE & I ask that if you want to make a difference, to really make a difference.  Do not feed Into the hype especially how the media will sell this isolated (most likely planned out and executed by our own government / parties permission-- yea I fkn said it)) with permission ... More lives have been tyrannically taken. ..
Don't feed the hype.. INstead .. Energize yourself most High in Absolute LOVE & LIGHT .. And together, in divine energized KNOWING PRAYER .. Send massive amounts of LOVing ENERGEtic HEALING .. Send it .. BELIEVE that your ENERGY CAN & WILL make a difference ...
For God hears the cries of the grief our hearts in pain bleed out ... Take this righteous feeling that is generated from our being and with all these absolute injustices & attacks on our spirit / human body, hearts & mind that we are conditioned into from birth & TRANSFORM this POWERHOUSE of a negative & turn it into an ABSOLUTE POSITIVE that can never be destroyed ... When we radiate such HIGH VIBES, it's stronger than any evil walking this planet believing themselves to be the absolute shit in their shit tower of power ... Use  LOVE, COMPASSION, JOY, LAUGHTET & send this energy of HEALING out to be received by our entire UNIVERSE of beings who ALL NEED this right now !!! We ALL need this right NOW!! 
Our TIME is NOW!!
Our POWER exists within our mustard seed of KNOWING / FAITH & BELIEF that vibrates within our beings  .. All The souls of our world need us most equipped and READY HEALERS who are most REAL & energetically LEVELED high in their divine right and BRIGHT LIGHTS & Lets make this the most LOVING FILLED & HEALING energetic fight for our lives.. Our Souls BIRTH RIGHT!! Let's together harmoniously & without any shadows of doubt turn all this negative power shit hole into our heaven here on earth & the key is in our vibing ENERGY & the ACTIONS we take to match this energy field we are creating  in making and balancing this world wonderfully right ..
As above, so below 
As within, is without 

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