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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Enchanting Royal Tarot/Rune Reveal

THANK YOU ALL for your Kindness & Patience...
Here is this weeks ROYAL RUNE REVEAL
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Royal Tarot/Rune #1
Five of Pentacles w/IHWAZ

When the 5 of Pentacles appears, a strong sense of loss is accompanied with its message.  There may be some kind of worries boggling the mind making it difficult to remain flowing in positivity, as well as making it difficult to maintain a sense of purpose in ones life. This loss may be in reference to spiritual, financial as well as emotional loss of some kind, but with the 5 of Pentacles showing itself, it is indicative that this state of loss is all in the state of ones mind. The support we may be seeking, may be all searched for in the wrong places creating further misalignment, something feeling not quite right. This is a time of refocusing and aligning all that is not aligned with your true purpose and life path at this time.  This may mean drudging up all "old" history (past/present) that currently contributes to this present feeling of loss you may now be experiencing.  The message of IHWAZ, "the path is hard and lonely and there is no end to sight."  IHWAZ representing the axis or process of spiritual becoming.  "Upper and lower worlds meeting in midgard (earth).  This is the rune of the mysteries of life and death. How one perceives their world is most essential into their becoming. What may feel as loss, may actually be what is necessary in the stripping and realigning of ones inner components in what is required in making one feel whole.  IHWAZ governs the initiation into the wisdom of the world Tree (Yggdrasil) and hvel (chakras) - this is the liberation from the fear of death.  This is a time of your development of spiritual ENDURANCE and hard will to gain initiative.  This is not easy, especially when ones emotions can get the better of them, but you are reminded of your WILL that is meant to STRENGTHEN your resolve.  IHWAZ gifts you the POWER to recall your life experiences ( in small increments building and leading up to the whole) granting you control in your ability and power to HEAL what is brought to your awareness, so that you may infuse and align yourself Powerfully in your divine.  It is all about getting to our roots in every matter.  It is time for you to pay closer attention to the financial, emotional, and spiritual areas of your life. Moral support, love and comfort are available, but they may not come from the direction you expect or feel you want at this time.  Your mindset may be alienating you from others, but the 5 of pentacles urges you not to despair and to ensure you take care of yourself FIRST, on an inner and outer level.  IHWAZ can be used during meditation as well as dream exercises for the purpose of discovering past life patterns that are influencing your life in the present.  

Royal Tarot/Rune #2
Four of Pentacles w/THURISAZ

When the Four of Pentacles appears, there is a feeling of stagnation, where there is nothing ventured, nothing gained.  It represents possession and the dangers of complacency.  The question here is where does ones FAITH lie? The behaviors and acting out in little faith, having insufficient amounts of FAITH in the unknown.  Some kind of ACTION or risk is required to keep things flowing on both a material and emotional level. The warning of the Four of Pentacles is that although we may feel secure when we possess something, the desire for material security can ultimately stifle ones growth.  Is there an unwillingness to share material and emotional resources? This may result in becoming miserly with regard to love and money.  Sometimes becoming too comfortable with our circumstances one may become complacent.  Although it is very pleasant to be financially secure, the desire to hold on to what one has can stifle growth and block creative energy, causing one to stop moving forward and instead limit themselves to what is only familiar.  Does that sound like something anyone wants for themselves? Is this is a form of settling? The energy of THURISAZ is one of ENTHUSIASM & it AWAKENS the WILL to ACTION.  THURISAZ breaks down complacent / possessive barriers and removes it from being the obstacle it can be.  A message from THURISAZ, "If we must fight for peace then let us find our peace in battle."
The Key concepts of THURISAZ is unconscious forces, sociological forces, the battering down of any and all barriers. THURISAZ is the thorn of AWAKENING. This is a rune of ENTHUSIASM during a time of struggling with the unconscious layers buried beneath the surface layers of things.  It is a Rune of SELF EMPOWERMENT as well as chaos in the forms of acting as an Active defensive force, being a breaker of resistance.  THURISAZ governs the destruction of enemies, curses binds and fetters.  Meaning whatever is sent to you (in the negative) is sent back to the senders times 3.  This is the rune of breaking all resistance of blockages in mind, body, heart and soul.  It brings together in working unison the combined forces of left/right brain processes for generating powerful realization.  This rune is described as being most sharp, but most effective, especially in the breaking down of destructive blocking forces that do not belong.  THURISAZ is also a fertility rune in the sense that it breaks down the barren and hard, rocky realms into workable soil as to bring fruitfulness to crops and wombs.  The best mental STATE this rune offers during this time is ENTHUSIASM, manifesting brilliant Magic into ones world.  There may be a sense of feeling bogged down with materialistic / worldly concerns when the four of pentacles appears, but it is time to expand/GROW and find ways to share what you have, or you may be in danger of becoming stifled by a lackluster approach to life.  What is the cause of your possession/obsession/stagnation? It is time to dig deeper and deeper into those roots of roots of yours.  A reminder from THURISAZ, unless we promote consciousness actively in living out our lives we will succumb to entropy.

Royal Tarot/Rune #3
Wheel of Fortune w/Algiz

When the Wheel of Fortune appears it is all about endings and beginnings.  A CHANGE of circumstance. The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that we are ultimately responsible for our own fate.  This card signifies the completion of one cycle and the beginning of another.  The wheel is in perpetual motion and serves as a constant reminder that everything passes and nothing lasts for ever.  Ultimately, there is little point in becoming attached to any one experience because everything is ephemeral.  We are all subjected to the laws of nature as we move through our lives from birth to death.  We are often tempted to blame fate rather than take responsibility for our lives, but this card reminds us that we all have CHOICES, regardless of what life brings to us.  At a deeper level, it suggests that ultimately we are the marvelous or not so marvelous architects of our own world/fate, in spite of the fact that we rail against what we do not consciously choose.  We may not be able to control the way in which the wheel turns, but we can control the manner in which we CHOOSE to respond.  There is a TRUE connection between what happens to us in the outside world and our own inner dynamic.  ALGIZ a rune of the essential link or connection with the patterns of divine or archetypal consciousness.  It is linked to the divine within ourselves, connecting us further to our higher selves. This rune represents a state of inner listening.  It is a protective Rune as well as a teaching force, linking and aligning our divine plans.  Message from ALGIZ, "Fear has its place in every heart. COURAGE is only a response." 
The energy of ALGIZ is powerfully strong and forceful. This rune promotes INDEPENDENCE and autonomy as well as FAITH.  Courage in the face of fear / in the UNKNOWN. It is not the absence of fear, because fear may allows us to be forewarned and forearmed in case that protection and defensiveness is necessary.  ALGIZ supplies the insight necessary to make such judgment calls and stand firmly rooted in our roots. STANDING our Ground.  ALGIZ is a most sacred rune that when invoked one becomes sacred, set apart and protected by divine power.  ALGIZ works to protect you, but it will not assist in evading any punishment or correction for any wrong deeds, illegal or immoral acts you have created for yourself.  It will act to soften the blow of punishment if one is being given, as long as the person willingly accepts accountability for the harm caused by his or her own actions.  
The WHEEL of FORTUNE heralds a fresh start.  You are embarking on a new chapter and it is up to you to determine whether this will be a POSITIVE or negative experience.  There may be a turn of events that you could have not predicted and over which you have little control, or an important decision that you must make at this time - the more in touch you are with your capacity to make your own CHOICES, the more EMPOWERED you will be.  The WHEEL OF FORTUNE is reminding you that Change is inevitable, for without it life would stagnate and you would cease to grow and develop your potential. The power of THURISAZ is easily located because it is on the borderline, the frontier of consciousness.  It is wise that if you start something, be sure to finish it.  Cycles of CHANGE, all is clearing the way, empty is your stage to fill with all you inspire, desire, and aspire to be... Be the Change you wish to see in this world.

Royal Tarot/Rune #4
Judgement w/Wunjo

Judgement is often depicted as a figure summoning the dead to rise. It reflects the fact that, ultimately, all of us have to be accountable for our Actions and face the day of reckoning. Judgement marks the completion of a karmic cycle and indicates that all our deeds have both POSITIVE and Negative consequences. Which field of coin do you fall into? Depending on the CHOICES we have made in our lives, we can either reap the rewards of past efforts and give ourselves praise for much deserved successes or we have some hard lessons still to learn.  According to karmic law, each of us is judged after death for our deeds on earth. This card symbolizes the rewards and penalties that we experience, according to the true value of our actions.  "As you sow, so shall you reap." is the meaning of this card, and it reflects the need to re-evaluate ourselves and our accomplishments in a frank and honest way.  This card suggests that is is time to Review your life and make sense of how far you have come and what you have achieved.  You have the OPPORTUNITY to wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start by coming to terms with your own past.  It is time to recognize where you have not lived up to your expectations and make PEACE with yourself or to reward yourself for past endeavors.  Judgment marks a period of consolidation and indicates the importance of taking certain realities on board. A time of harvest is heralded and the PROMISE of a NEW LEASE on LIFE. Paired with WUNJO, which literally means JOY - HOPE, HARMONY, PERFECTION.  WUNJO brings the energy of HARMONY of like forces with effortless ease. This Rune Governs the strengthening of links and bonds.  This rune is an invocation of fellowship and HARMONY.  This rune banishes alienation and other inharmonious impediments to trust.  WUNJO creates JOY through the use of TRUE WILL. This rune helps one with the ART of CORRECT WISHING - as well as bringing the practices of the LAW of ATTRACTION to work in your life.  WUNJO is the inner urge for realization of your soul's true will to ACHIEVE perfection of consciousness and the DRIVE to this realization in this life-time.  It wards off woe and sorrow so that the ABUNDANCE of the Universe of blessings and gifts can bestow themselves unto you.  In WUNJO we find harmonious energies, we find the force of LOVE curing the warrior who has hate or pain in his or her heart.  WUNJO carries all the elements of LOVE between and among human beings.  WUNJO is the rune that guides harmonizing human energies into a whole.  It is the alignment of individual with the will of the community and ultimately with the divine will.  The Card of Judgment reminds us that limiting thoughts and behavior patterns can be TRANSFORMED, as you are ready to develop an increased sense of AWARENESS and REJOICE in the expectation of a BETTER FUTURE.

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