HAPPY ROYAL RUNE WEDNESDAY .. My my my .. Time sure can fly by in a blink of an eye .. For we meet here once again .. Another 7 days forward & Beyond in our future. This morning Eye decided to spice things up a little Faery bit & although on ROYAL RUNE WEDNESDAYS it is still FREE for all within this 24hr Wednesday time to send me 1 Rune Question for your 1Rune Answer ~ Submit all request to EnchantmentsTherapy@Gmail.com & patiently await your Royal Rune Oracle Response. But in the mean time this Enchanting Offer is FREE to ALL whom wish to participate with selecting the Rune calling out to your soul for its loving message to you that are  Pictured right here .. PLEASE do not be shy & I enthusiastically INVITE you to make your ROYAL RUNE SELECTION .. #1 #2 #3 or #4 and leave your selection in the comments below and later this evening when I post this Royal Rune Reveal I will make sure to tag you so you may check out this weeks message to you. As ALWAYS, With absolute LOVE, JOY, GRATITUDE & BLESSINGS in my heart, I absolutely THANK each and every one of you for your Beautiful part in my journey. #Namaste #RoyalRuneWednesday #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy #Esoteric #Guidance #Wisdom #Spirituality #BelieveReceiveAchieve #BeTheChangeYouWish2SeeInThisWorld #Choose #Choices #Select #Ancient #Runic #Oracles #EarthAngel #LightWork #Dynasty 
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