Does PDA make you feel uncomfortable ?

Train ride chants haven't happened in quite a while. To my astonishment, this couple making out on the train caused this other woman to get up from her seat and walk away. She must not be centered with her affectionate ways of public displays of lust. Cause seriously that's all I'm picking up from this couple. It's ok to be hot and horny nowadays. It's way better than drinking any forms of haterade or irritable bowl syndrome smoothies. 

Anyways this lovers display has inspired in me a reason for this train ride chant to come to be ...

So much has been going on all around, it's now where things are beginning to settle down, but not quite like one would assume.  Not quite so, because as the settlements arise, so do the many more tasks at hand. 

positive step forward into UpLand, Wonderland ..

Thank you to all who's soul enters inside this wonderland domain ..
it is for our soul and it's gain ..


this train ride chant coming to an end... 
feeling sleepy ..
trains can make me sleepy ..
go figure lol 


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