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Monday, February 22, 2016


May OFFENDERS Meet their destined KARMA 

Since when has it been made to be a child's fault to have their TRUST and KINDNESS taken ADVANTAGE of by an ADULT who should fucking KNOW BETTER...

SINCE when is it ok to LOOK a child in the FACE and call them a LIAR when they are BRAVE enough to share in something that is not easy to say, but NEEDS to be said? How could a grown ass individual participate in further damaging a child's spirit, by not BELIEVING them when they speak of a Violation from another (that is NEVER asked for, WARRANTED or OK) but instead forced unto them by a suppose to be trusting adult. An adult  who is way more advanced in life experience and handling things that they BELIEVE themselves sly enough to be able to get away with what they do - Truth is, GOD sees you.. For this is TRUE... 

SINCE WHEN do we Turn our backs on our children and call them LIARS because what we hear them say is something we CAN not BELIEVE...

or want to BELIEVE...
so instead lets play Make Believe and shatter .. 

NO fucking way!!!

if that's the game you wish to play, YOU can drown in your filth..

OUR CHILDREN are OUR FUTURES & it is a fkn SHAME when it is the adults who are the ones fishing to DESTROY them... 


of course no one wishes to believe that the person they see, or know to be, is capable of such things..

of course its unfathomable ..

its utterly disgusting if you ask me...

but to sit there & defend what you can not be too sure of.. 
and sit there and try with your own logic to reason and rule out why this can't be...

Who is who..
You rule out cause you REFUSE to see??
of course we don't want to see...

such damaging idiots we have grown to be...
to deny a child the right to speak..

sad is she with he..

Any person of decency would NEVER be able to COMPREHEND or IMAGINE the reasons BEHIND WHY a sick person would do such horrible things...

For a person to sit there and try to UNDERSTAND...
try to piece together these puzzling pieces...
to then completely DISREGARD any accusation being made because the person hearing such things REFUSES to SEE..

 We can sit here and PRETEND that this world isnt fucked up.. it doesn't change the fact... I UNDERSTAND reasons behind reasons.. but whether we could understand it or not.. this is a doggy dog world & there are people out there capable of doing such shameful, sad, horrific & sickening things...

I get so Angry even when I understand the actions behind why some people do and say the things that they do...
I won't sit here and JUDGE your choices, because that is the path you walk.. 
Blessings to you..
may God take hold of you & shake you down to the ground, so that when you are forced to look UP, you will SEE what's really up..

but although I understand, 
I won't sit here and passively ALLOW for such BULLSHIT BLASPHEMY to take the crown & parade around town spreading the vile pedophilia energy you now allow inside of your own world.. 

BLESSINGS & DIVINE HEALING to the souls in this world silenced in their pain caused intentionally by others. May GOD's JUSTICE rule this DAy & AGE... &  may those violators get exactly what they put out into this world -- - for it is only fair - to RECEIVE the very things that you BREATHE & BLEED....

Some people sleep with the Enemy & the sad part is that deep down if they really paid attention - if they learned to trust their first initial instincts, they  would REMEMBER that even this ugly TRUTH, they really know it to be TRUE too... 

Enchanting World of Venting Babbles to some reality biters that piss me off but after this post... I will never think about again..
you know why..
CAUSE in TRUTH, LOVE & LIGHT - God has blessed me with PEACE...
and because of this ..

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