Enchantress is Eye 🦄

Fill the void ..
the icky void ..
In our trembles we learn to break free ..
every shaken anomaly thrusted into display ... 
life always on 
rearrange ..
Karmic fuhhh~~sod ..
<<<<< exactly .. Wtf is fuhhh~~sod>>>>> it's like having a pimple within a crinkle
A place 
it definitely should not be ..
know what I mean jellybean ??
Foxy Queens..
player riddles ..
indeed ..
plot always thickens inside of Wonderland..
Well.. Eye think & therefore eye Am..
all that eye am EYE AM ..
glorified ..
Dignified ..
Honor am Eye ..
always live your life according to Eye..
Selfish is Eye ..
Divine is Eye 
Perception is key, inside of this ring ..
Taste every rainbow true to eye ..
Rebirth in Eye..
Rise & Shine ..
Enchantress is Eye ..
Who am I ?
everything eye ever dream up myself to be ...
clarity is 

get it ? 
Got it ????????

Wonderful !!!
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