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I am your Eccentrically Angelic EARTHLING Guide servicing ALL of your mind / body / heart & soul ENERGETIC needs-- something we definitely need!
here as one of many GUIDES vibrating HIGHEST all of thee time



For it is here our DIVINE ALIGNMENT is at stake - so we must PAVE the way - in every single way.
Enchanting Babble Wonderland is WELCOMING ALL SOULS on this MAGICAL MIND - BODY - HEART & SOUL infusion ADVENTURE!!
When it comes to MANIFESTATIONS - we must be perfectly ALIGNED with our own ENERGIES. Our energies must MATCH in every single way - living mindfully and consciously every single day in every single way.
Your WORDS have power
Your FEELINGS have power
Now it is time to FEEL and VIBE EMPOWERED
(our ALIGN comes from within)
HARMONIZING with you in your life.
It will take DAILY PRACTICE to instill within your roots (forged within your deep) every source of EMPOWERMENT magically sweet - but it is needed in order to MANIFEST all of your HEARTS desires - LIVING the life you INSPIRE bringing everything you BELIEVE should be (for you) into existence..
It will take MOTIVATION / DEDICATION / INSPIRATION and sheer WILLPOWER from you to make this EFFECTIVE and AFFECTIVE in your life!
Enchanting Babble is your Souls OM away from Home - inspiring YOU to SHINE BRIGHT in every single way -
Offering Inspired Practices/IDeas that you too can apply in your life - I am also offering INTUITIVE GUIDANCE that is AVAILABLE for ALL - all you need to do is submit your donation and request - & whatever is your issue/s - we will walk thru and get thru - Together, we CAN help you to clear away all energy blocks standing in your way we ALL DESERVE to live our lives FEELING PEACE - roots we must set for ourselves - cause we are ALL WORTHY (believe) that YOU to are able to OPEN up your own passage ways to RECEIVE the life that YOU DREAM
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

What is your Loves Signature Flavor? ❤️

The build up of these massive steps ((so small & yet so profound)) a sense of Heaven is found in this acknowledging moment of eternal experience. 

What if ground hog day was our everyday and past / present / future as we all think we know it to be, is actually not & like the hamsters in the wheel, we repeat each cyclic action ~ just some more than others .. 

what if :.
what if ..

the CHANGE in your own selfie evolution began with you ..

what if you grabbed a saw and sawed the hamster wheel in half / in threes / in tiny twos (tiny toons) 

What if every change you think you make is no change at all ~ What if it just is ~ what if it was just part of your blending ~ when you blend something together ~ you infuse and whip it in circles ~ faster and faster ~ harder and harder ~ whipping \ beating this concoction no matter it's resistance or feelings / they are chosen and forced to infuse .. 

Infusion, an Alchemist fiddle of a riddle, secret skittle ..

Taste every infused rainbow ..

color blend & drink your smoothie radicals super fine as you align with your WHOLE inner / outer scope records ...

love yourself better !!

it's NOW 
(or never) 
Do yourself Better & think yourself Clever & CHANGE your own weather ..
it is your aftermath .. 
you're dealing with in current reality ..
It's all about synchronicity ..
own every part of you ..
Light and dark 
every shadow is a reflection no matter your deflection ..
Infuse your do for it is overdue ..
Our Soul Rocks Smooth & Cool ..
Ancient Souls Summoned here on Earth ~ cosmic REBIRTH of LOVES RESERVOIR of something MORE ..
Everything we ever are is by far ~ who we are ~ INFUSE every GROOVE inside of YOU .. it's your soul rooted filament of your Nutriments to nurture you with loving healing, blessings, guidance and support. We are energetic beings ~ infinitely tied & ENERGETICALLY created ~ making us FOREVER CONNECTED ~ we are NEVER alone !! We are so much more than our physical eyes allow us to see ... Close your eyes with me & breathe in deep & as you exhale ~ imagine in the center of your forehead your Minds Eye / your Very own ALL seeing Eye / existing within you ... Turn your third eye blind & let it shine ... Here is this rhyme & feel every healing Angelic loving vibe being sent your way. Goosebumps and tinglings for days. Allow for your body and mind to unwind & feel this prayer so deep ignite LIGHT & BRIGHT & with all your might ~ command yourself to SEE ... imagine your intentional forceful INFUSION of FOCUSING on your minds eye & VISUALIZING prying it open with every infused part of your being ~ surrendering and willfully contributing in absolute harmony to gifting you with the ability to be steer clear & focus & intentionally align yourself to vibrate higher & AWAKEN even more of you within ALL of you in every part and way in every dimensional part of your being ...

It's amazing how much self control and freedom we really truly do have ...

For I am eternally grateful for the art of expression and I am most grateful for continuing in the developing of my own art filled world of expression in every single way for all of my days .. With purpose and intention to raise this earths vibrations to that of love and light no matter what's going on in the world around me .. Example in me is all you will see & meet ~ well as best as I can be anywayZ cause I still don't playZ ..
the streets raised me ~ haha JayZ .. We do share the same birthday ya know ..
Dec 4..

Well I guess my uncut enchant here is done & off I go to learn something new & exciting. As tired as I may be at this moment ~ I am just feeling so inspired and motivated in making all of my own dreams and visions a reality ... And wih joy and excitement I tootle loo into my now moment exciting adventure. 

Love is the only way to vibrate in this hIppie vibe way .. Earth Angel way .. Find your own way to display your own kinda loving .. Everyone has their own love signature .. What is yours? My love signature is all earth Angel & Goddess like with a wicked bad ass side .. Like my love will cut you if you tried some slick ish with me type of EXPRESSIONAL thing .. I love to call it art .. Love to me is beautiful art after all lol .. So please do share ~ what is your signature love statement ? How do you love ? 
What does love mean to you ? How do you show your love? How would you like to be shown love ? Are you a love giver or is your love on reserve ?? Hmm all these questions ... Which I do hope you truly ponder & riddle your own fiddles ...
Enchanting Babble is all about allowing for you to accept your drop down your own rabbit hole filled with so much soul & I wish for Enchanting Babble to fill you with so much Inspiration, Guidance, entertainment, healing, help, laughter, joy, love etc etc etc etc I seriously do .. All of you .. Even the ones who read here that don't really like me too much but just like to check what I am
Doing .. For some reason .. They don't like me but they find me interesting enough to observe me as much as they do from afar ~~ even to those of you who are one of them ~ I mean you know who you are ((this unfortunately is not a joke ~ I've learned that people do / do these type of things .. I honestly thought this kinda stuff only happened in movies lol)) but yea anyways .. Even to those lurkers .. Eye am so glad that you are here & whether you realize it or not ~ there's a reason for you being here too .. & The great part of it all is that you actually do read what I say & that to me means everything because that's the meaning of all of this ~~ to reach beautiful souls & I am a beautiful soul & I only attract beautiful souls & so even tho you're being a lurker & that may not be so cool ~~~ our weird little encounter ~ connection ~ is aligned perfectly ~ exactly as it ought to be ~ because if we understand one thing about our own all seeing eyes ~ we understand that many of the things we see and choose to believe & have faith in ~~~ stem from our visions and the POTENTIAL our vision has & how POSSIBLE our vision really can be to MANIFEST into our realities. & here is why I am happy that you too have dropped down ENCHANTING BABBLES rabbit hole of Soul Wonderland Adventure .... You are like me in many ways .. You too are a soul Adventurer. & you can't front ~ many of the things you read of mine makes you really think ..: you may not like it always ~ but girl you know it's true lol 
Anyhoo ... The point here that I am trying to make is this ... ENCHANTING BABBLE is about EVERY SOUL in this UNIVERSE .. & Eye WELCOME ALL Walks of life into this Enchanting Love Wonderland .. I personally (eye) do not have any problems / quarrels / beefs / issues / with anyone. It's funny as I was writing my last sentence the very few "issues" that May exist with 1-2 people ~ not that there is beef ~ just you know when things are no longer the same anymore for whatever reasons but underlying issues have yet to be earthly human resolved. Yea so even as
I was writing / stating I don't have beef / quarrels / beef with anyone and those 1-2 relationships came to mind ~ I quickly assessed the passing thought and happily proceeded forward with making my statement because it's

Life isn't meant to be perfect & we have many relationships in our lives / various kinds of relationships .. Various categories of relationships / labels .. yada yada yada .. Sometimes in life not every relationship can be so easily repaired / because remember it does take two to tango ... So these things happen ... It doesn't mean you sit around hating the person who is no longer in your life ~ especially if you love them.  Love doesn't do such horrid things as that. Love wishes everyone well. Anyways back to my point ... 

 Eye believe in every souls POTENTIAL for elevation ~ mind / body / heart / soul 

Now this is where we all differ in regards to our elevation levels and soul paths & life Journeys. But it doesn't mean we can't all get along & help one another rise and be the best versions of
Ourselves that we
Can be each and every single
Day in every single
Way ...
Eye wish that for everyone ..
YES ! That
Means you too. 
Eye Love you Boo 
Angels Rule 
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