Enchanting Messages for your Soul Tarot Oracle Reveal

Thank YOU ALL for joining in this Enchanting Fun of Soul Enlightenment...

A move in direction..
Change of Course ..
Journeys into your Unknown..
Awakening into your divine nature of RECEPTIVITY..
Your roots evolve on Fertile ground..
Abundance abound..
Your resourceful nature keeping you on the move..
as you Groove in your tunes,
remaining Attuned and BALANCED..
Souls on the Go..
hopping off the merry go round..
into their Unknown of Glory Hallelujah


Knight of Wands

A move 
A change of address/home

Representing the Fire Element making this card influenced by FIRE 
Fire influencing Fire
Actions influencing Actions
Double FIRE
Lots of MOVEMENT with this card..
keeping up with your own momentum..
There is LOTS to be EXCITED about ..
Lots of ENERGY & a lot of Activity during this time...
This is a time to keep the Fire burning with extreme intensity, but to also keep yourself in balance and in check.  
Fire influencing Fire within will leave little room for cool logic, calm reasoning or paced behavior. The Knight of wands represents the spirit of ADVENTURE that takes us into the UNKNOWN.  
This is a time of ENTHUSIASM 
This card embodies the ideals of chivalry, but also warns against acting without considering the consequences.  This card represents CHANGE & many Wonderful IDEAS..
When we ignite our FIRE within & find our BALANCE (which is Key) we can MOVE mountains..
Fire feeds off Fire and we must always remember this when dealing with the dashing and dynamic Knight of Wands. 
The Knight of Wands leaves a long lasting impression.
Whether the impression is Positive or negative, it is entirely up to the Knight. 
The Knight of wands represents Fire in its extreme. 
The Knight of Wands is by far the BRAVEST of all the Knights for he fears NOTHING, will have a go at ANYTHING, and is WILLING to risk all as he gallops through life at a hectic and heated pace.  
You have dazzling visions & a BRIGHT & BRILLIANT FUTURE..
You are Forward thinking - maybe a little too forward in thinking and so learning to pace your VISIONS with this earthly realm may be just the quick fix you need. Being more gentle and kind with yourself is a loving gift you should always gift yourself with. 
The Knights Horse is FEARLESS. He rears up to demonstrate his ABILITY and WILLINGNESS to jump any obstacle that may come in his way.  He is READY for anything along the journey and can travel at terrific speed. 
He is young, and like the Knight who sits upon his back, still a bit green.  They both have a lot to learn.  
It's all about our mind EXPANSION and learning how to pace ourselves. 
With so much fire between Horse and rider, they will push and keep pushing Forward.  
It is all about TAKING ACTION 
Being a rebel and fighting against conventionality - this corrupt conditioning..
Forever a student..
Lover of KNOWLEDGE, studying and learning 
The Knight of Wands infuses us with a strong desire to experience life in all its dimensions. 
When the Knight of Wands appears it means you are READY..
You are more than READY to make a 
to JOURNEY further along on your path 
You may have a strong impulse to EXPRESS yourself in some CREATIVE way.. 
If you have been feeling trapped and unable to change your circumstances, then the dynamic energy of the Knight of Wands will give you the impetus to do things that you would never have dared to try before.. 
When the Knight of Wands energy surrounds you this is your OPPORTUNITY to best harness it as soon as possible so that some really good use can come out of it.  The Knight of wands energy we need when we are feeling stuck in a rut, listless, lethargic, going nowhere and lacking in self belief and self confidence. When we believe we don't have what it takes, that we would surely fail, or that others would not support us or think us fools, the Knight of Wands blows Hot FIRE into our faces and gives us a good kick up the backside. The Knight of Wands declares it is time for us to step outside and LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST. He is full of surprises and whips up frenzy of activity within us.  
Champion of all Champions it is time to STAY focused on the BIG PICTURE & BELIEVE it all will work 
but do so in the most FUN way for you..
Ride into Town ..
outta Town..
Have some FUN..
Spice up your Life.. 
It is time to take ACTION but think first and have a Plan
Get your facts straight before doing or saying anything.. 
Pay Attention to detail..
Discover what you are Good At & fully DEVELOP your POTENTIAL
Finish what you start
be truthful at the outset of relationships
Be honest with yourself in regards to relationships
Busy Fire do not allow to become excessive Fire
Ignite your fire always 
In romance if you are chasing the Knight of wands let him be - commitment is a word he does not understand at this time. He would only take advantage of your good nature and treat it as a sport.  He is not relationship material his kind leads to heartbreak.

The Empress 


Associated with Venus - Goddess of LOVE 
Natural Forces

The Empress is associated with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life walking the 14th Path between Chockmah (Supernatural father / wisdom) and Binah (Supernatural Mother / Understanding) - The Empress INFUSES these Two most POWERFUL forces thus facilitating UNION between these masculine & feminine forces.  
DALETH - Door / Transition
The Empress reminds us to care and nurture ourselves. 
She feels good when she looks good and she reminds you to do and FEEL the same.. 
As the MATERNAL MOTHER the EMPRESS expresses LOVE through her HEART. She takes it from the idealistic stage in the head and brings it into the world through her words, actions and behavior. She finds joy in her everyday world and brings joy to all she comes in contact with.  She likes to live her life to the full but is also extremely happy and content with the simple things.  
The EMPRESS reminds you that before any birth can occur, there is a gestation period to get through which calls for preparation and considerable patience.  Mother Nature cannot be forced or rushed and the Empress is happy to sit and wait for things to reach their NATURAL conclusion. During this incubation period, The Empress will look after her health on all levels so that she will be STRONG enough to look after her creation once it has been birthed.  
Symbolized by the # 3
This is a period of immense GROWTH on every level- your levels of Creativity are sparked at this time. Expect ABUNDANCE & PROSPERITY in your life. This is a time where you shall begin to SEE the fruit of all of your previous labor. 
The Empress is the symbol of Fertility and NEW LIFE.  She embodies the dual aspects of motherhood - the joy of giving birth to a child and the mourning of the inevitable separation that is inherent in being a mother.  Domestic stability, Divine Protection and maternal care are all characteristics of the Empress. This card indicates a strong sense of well-being, physical security, and emotional fulfillment.  We are able to surrender and flow with the rhythm of life, as well as secure a solid foundation for our future GROWTH.  A PASSIONATE and deep LOVE of life is reflected in the Empress, as well as a feeling of being able to "just be."
This is a time of great Productivity and the eventual REWARDS for all of your hard work, effort and PATIENCE... The Empress is only concerned with what she can experience with all her senses, therefore she suggests that if you have any IDEAS or PLANS that you have been toying with then NOW is the TIME to give BIRTH to them by putting them out into the REAL world where they can be SHARED and experienced by all.
BELIEVE in the POWER within you
Her energy will help any fledgling business or project flourish and grow once you go about it in a down to earth and heartfelt manner.   
She asks you to be HAPPY in EVERYTHING that you do for this is the ENERGY needed to CREATE your Desired results. The Empress encourages the GROWTH and Development of all things so lots should be happening at this time around you.  Everything appears to be taking off in a most positive pleasant direction.  
There is a STRONG sense of ABUNDANCE and BOUNTIFULNESS surrounding your energy field .. She reassures you that there is more than enough for ALL which brings great stability and security.  She is generous and giving. If you have been worried about stability or finances The Empress suggests that you will be provided for and will have more than enough to go around. Enjoy the abundant FLOW in your world.  She asks you to use the resources you already have available to you as means of further support.  As a domestic Goddess, The Empress brings Harmony and stability into the home-front.  The Empress brings that time into your Life when it really FEELS good to be ALIVE. 
The Empress asks you to make an extra effort with your appearance.  Not for anyone else's sake but for your own.

Tap into your river of INNER BEAUTY and allow for it to STREAM out FREE outside of your world.. She urges you to SHOW some pride and REMINDS you of your TRUE BEAUTY..
as within exudes on out.. 
Always singing 
naturally dramatic 
She moves to the vibrations of natural earth energies so can excel at all kinds of DANCE..
A career as a holistic therapist, healer or herbalist.
She is the masseuse to die for..
Her touch is pure magic in whatever she decides to be PASSIONATE about.. 
This is a time of an upsurge of ENERGY, FOCUS and CREATIVITY
you need a concrete outlet if you are to REALIZE your innate potential..
harness it..
ENCHANT your world with your magic..
This card indicates the emotional fulfillment that you FEEL when you are in a happy, secure relationship whether it is with another, others, or with yourself..
or try ALL of the ABOVE
It is time to enjoy your CREATIVITY and make the most of ALL of your TALENTS..
If you do not make time for you, no one else will. Remember, YOU are WORTH it.  
The longing within you to EXPRESS yourself Artistically in some way is on FIRE.. no longer will you feel reluctant / hesitant / afraid to vocalize and Share with those around you. It is time for you to DREAM your WORLD out LOUD and take CREATIVE ACTION

Two of Pentacles

Stand on one leg and find your BALANCE..
The two of Pentacles signifies equilibrium in the material realm, as well as both emotional and financial security.  A young man juggling two pentacles appearing Happy and light hearted, for this card indicates ENJOYMENT of LIFE.  We are challenged to handle many different things simultaneously and cope with various demands.  


The Lemniscate (Infinity Loop) represents the endless FLOW of ENERGY.  All energy is recycled whether its good or bad for energy is simply energy and can not be destroyed only TRANSFORMED.  
Energy begets Energy
Money begets more Money
This man juggling started with just one Pentacle but he knows that if he invests or uses it wisely he can make it double if not more.  
MATERIAL Decisions
Juggling Finances
Here he is trying to make his one pentacle work BEST for him..
It looks like he has already had some SUCCESS with it as he now has two..
But does it seem to be taking its toll on him? 
There are financial decisions to be made..
A time of clear focus, STRENGTH & Discipline
There may be some levels of stress related to decisions in this area.. 
It usually involves large sums of money and the direction and flow you are thinking of choosing to go in - large significant purchases..
getting married.. the cost of a wedding..
if you do decide to take certain routes will it leave you financially vulnerable in any way? 
You will have to carefully weigh up the pros and cons and see if you will be willing to INVEST in whatever it is that you are contemplating. 
There is also the possibility of doubling your money as the Pentacles in the infinity symbol reminds us of the embryo splitting in two to produce TWINS. This card is often referred to as the profit and loss card and can point to investments and playing the stock market. 
In a relationship the two of Pentacles would suggest that a decision regarding finances has to be made.  You may be deciding between two prospective partners based on their financial status. Are you saving to get married or buy a new property? The two of Pentacles can also highlight a relationship that literally keeps you on your toes or a partner who is financially draining you.  You may also be trying to fit a relationship into an already hectic lifestyle and are finding it hard to find the time for it. There are a number of meaning variations for this card. In a career reading the Two of Pentacles suggests working as a Writer or in the publishing business. 
Change in career - moving from one setting to another. 
This card represents CHOICES that need to be made..
Usually one choice over another choice.. 
BALANCE is the most pressing issue when the TWO of Pentacles appears
We find ourselves having to juggle different needs and find ways of managing these conflicting aspects.  This card indicates a great deal of ACTIVITY & extra responsibilities. 
When the Two of Pentacles appears it means you are READY to start projects that offer a REWARDING FUTURE, but you may feel anxious about the outcome (overthinking things a little way too much) and this could mark for an uneasy feeling time.  You may need to keep several propositions going at once until you are absolutely sure which one is right for you. Sort of like not making any choice until the choice seems to present itself to you. You will have to be skillful in the way that you go about the practical everyday matters of your life - CHANGES are taking place in your financial circumstances and you must STAY flexible & open for these CHANGES.  This card indicates a period of fluctuation especially when you need to weigh up the various factors involved in every new exciting LIFE CHANGING ADVENTURES. 
If you DESIRE for this to SUCCEED - be willful and BELIEVE ..
EXECUTE all your desired GOALS and ACTIONS with Divine inner wisdom and CLARITY..
Find your BALANCE while MAINTAINING your FAITH and Keeping your VISION clear and unobstructed.  It is IMPORTANT that you put all your resources to work and ACTIVELY take steps to PROMOTE your material Prospects and BE the CHANGE you WISH to SEE inside of your WORLD...


Thank you all for your Kindness

Many Blessings to you
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