All or Nothing!

You can hide behind your shadows, or you CAN embrace your Revelation of your innate foundation of 


The moon is absolutely STUNNING tonight ...

I feel good ..
even the parts of me once sad, no longer having the same effects..
in life you have to learn to accept the things you have no control over, to accept people for who they are ~ as they are .. To wisely assess all that is happening around you & accept certain realities as they are, no matter how different you wish them to be ...

Reality is only reality for yourself ..
everyone has their own reality ..
& what is special about realities is finding the people in life that you can infuse, blend, mix together & share together in one another's realities ... 

 take part in Life episodes together ..
These special people we meet .. 

We should forever cherish & continue to estatically look forward to every memorabilia stored & captured in our profound moments in time shared together ... 

Im babbling again ..

there are some who slip away never to be seen or known again ...
sometimes it is all or nothing ..

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