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Friday, October 30, 2015


I have been meaning to do this for some time and before I get swept away in life and its many ways let me say what needs to be said so that way whatever is meant to TRANSPIRE from this planted seed will TRANSPIRE BEAUTIFULLY as it was planted with its seed ....

I am still discovering all there is to know about myself & I am most POSITIVE that this discovery will continue FOREVER...
I say FOREVER...
cause Eye BELIEVE we are FOREVER..
at least in my UNDERSTANDING of what it means to be an ENERGETIC BEING..
our scientifically "PROVEN" to be "FACT" & most simplified explanation of what ENERGY is ....
this ESSENCE, this LIFE FORCE, this INVISIBLE but FELT hidden PRESENCE that makes up what we are / beneath this surface of flesh and bones...  this ENERGY never defining WHO we ARE, cause We make up who we are.. This ENERGY that exists within each of our Dynamic Complex beings allowing us to simply exist... This THING we UNDERSTAND as ENERGY is defined as something that can NEVER be DESTROYED. ENERGY can only be TRANSFORMED, and NEVER DESTROYED...
So this is why I say my DISCOVERY will be FOREVER, because I am BUILT only to TRANSFORM - - - TRANSFORMING for me is part of my own EVOLUTION.. I have LEARNED to EMBRACE this aspect of myself that is truly REMARKABLE...
at least to me it is..
This ENERGY that makes this Human part of me real & exist is my LIFE FORCE & because I UNDERSTAND it in this way, I am not only in absolute AWE of my own ENERGY LIFE FORCE, i (eye) every part of me..
& soul HONORS this divinity of infinity that exists within me..
it is an absolute TREASURE..
exploring further with this never ending DISCOVERY, 
come out of the Closet..
and in Doing so...
I surrender to EYE..
and ALLOW myself to SURRENDER to the GREATER GOOD of ALL & Highlight the way for others and myself in whatever way / capacity that I can...

Receiving a reading from me is nothing like you would ever experience from another Light Worker. We are all UNIQUE in our own way & WE ALL have something to OFFER & CONTRIBUTE to the GREATER WHOLE...
our journey ..
our path...
our discovery..
all of these things GIFT us with CLARITY & PURPOSE ..
as we RECEIVE these Blessings of AWARENESS, it is our duty to ourselves to LIVE out these TRUTHS in ways that ALIGN with our gifts..
KEY is to DISCOVER your VOICE ..
Discover your clarity may make a funny sentence structure but it is most fitting...
it is suitable for now...

ALL of this BABBLE and I have still yet to say what I originally desired to say and address because this is something that has been mentally swirling and marinating into the Universe already for quite some time .. my entire dilemma was in the delivery...
How do I express this in a way that would generate a response? and that way of thinking / focusing / the focusing of details that truthfully no matter what I have no real control over - all i really have control over is my own energy fields I am creating and I am responsible for my own words, actions and behaviors. 
All this overthinking / worry / "fear" -  honestly created my own blockages and I found a silent way to discourage myself from doing something that FEELS so right but I was over here thinking of it so wrong... 

anyways it is nothing crazy..
Just an offer of mine that I have periodically mentioned but never really dived into... at least I do not think I have lol 

I am a HEALER in many many ways ...
there is no one way that I work...
Everyone is different..
I always tell others that if they ever FEEL the need and ever wish to speak or whatever you need - especially in need - I like to be of service in any way that I can...

I have done this for many souls ever since I can remember.  I have been a listening ear to many adults in my life and have always been guided to always say exactly what needs to be said.  I am still not sure how this all works and why I can receive a lot more messages and guidance then others - cause I really do BELIEVE we are all capable of these things - for some reason I was just born completely OPEN & RECEPTIVE to this esoteric kind of lifestyle.  Growing up my family never shunned me for it but I was always looked at rather kookier then the rest. lol There have been one too many childhood experiences that still lead into my NOW.. too many EXPERIENCES with seeing, hearing, feeling & being shown things that I no longer resist or fear what it is that I do SEE.  

I am like a magnet and draw many people from different walks of life to me, all for various reasons.  
There is a reason for everything even when we are not first AWARE of the reason for the experience.  
and we are not RULER over when this DIVINE RIGHT TIME is..
we are to LET GO of TIME all together and just BELIEVE that all is as you are VIBRATING / MAGNETIZING it to be... 
Believe without a shadow of doubt..
FAITH is ALL We need to BELIEVE we Shall RECEIVE & ACHIEVE all our SUCCESS beyond our Wildest of DREAMS..
this SUCCESS viewed as a whole..
meaning SUCCESS on EVERY LEVEL in your life, not just financial. 
Living in PEACE is another form of SUCCESS..
PEACE something that is FREE, seems to be one of the most hardest things to find...

Ay, consider this Enchanting Babble Uncut time..
I came in here to offer one thing and I just let loose on these Enchanting Streets like if its the thing to do...

that is just it..
It is the thing to do..

Back to me being a Healer..
I am also a Writer if you can't already tell by how much I LOVE to write write write write write 

I finally learned some level of BALANCE in being there for others as well as taking care of myself...

Inbalance in this department is rollercoaster ride city.. especially being a extremely highly sensitive empath - along with some other things...

Labels suck..
I only use words to describe what we have been conditioned to Understand - but in truth just because one thing is one way it doesn't mean it is the only way and it doesn't mean that this one way that works will work for everyone else...

stupid conditioned labels and boxes..
boxes are super confining..
its time to jump outside our boxes and stomp them out into Oblivion...

I am here for you..
An email sent my way would do..

I do THANKFULLY receive many messages NOW with various inquiries and concerns ...

Even adding you to my PRAYER LIST is something that I can do...



There are so many ways to SPREAD your LIGHT..
part of ones discovery is discovering how..

If there is something you would wish for me to speak more on..
send me an email ..
let me know..
I am very faery busy many times and I do answer all messages in the order in which they are received...

maybe you would like for me to draw one tarot / oracle card for you ...

maybe you need some self ALIGNMENT ideas of Inspiration sent your way that can vibrate well with you...

Everyone is different and everyone's needs are not the same...
I approach everyone this way..
Knowing that they are UNIQUE & 1 of a KIND...

Maybe I will elaborate more on this later..
but as for now...

I gotta go go go go


Earth Angel Faery Goddess at Play :) 

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