Enchanting Goddess Aine Oracle Hallow Eve's Blessings


provides Divine PROTECTION 


She represents the 


She is both Earth Goddess & Moon Goddess

She is the Celtic Goddess Moon & her name means "BRIGHT"

Goddess Aine - pronounced - AW-neh
She is an Ancient Goddess & Powerful Goddess of Sovereignty in Ireland.  

A Fertility Goddess of LOVE. She, held command over crops and animals and a HUGE PROMOTER of LOVE.

Also known as the Queen of the Faeries of South Munster...

eery & creepy name right on the eve of Halloween....

“In early tales She is associated with the semi-mythological King of MunsterAilill Aulom, who is said to have ‘ravished’ Her, an affair ending in Áine biting off his ear – hence ‘Aulom’, meaning ‘one-eared’. By maiming him this way, Áine rendered him unfit to be King, thereby taking away the power of sovereignty.”
"In another story, Gerald, the human Earl of Desmond, captured Aine while She was combing Her hair on the banks of Her sacred lake (thought to be based on the story of Ailill Aulom).  Aine bore the first Earl Fitzgerald to the man, but made Gerald promise never to express surprise at the powers his son might develop.  All went well for many years until one day when Gerald saw his son jump into and out of a bottle.  He could not contain an exclamation of shock and the boy disappeared, flying away in the shape of a wild goose.  Disappointed in Her human mate, Aine disappeared into Knockainy, where She is said to still live in a splendid castle” (Monaghan, p. 37).


Celtic Goddess
Faery Queen
 SUN Goddess
MOON Goddess

Friendly is she ..
especially with men.. 
She encourages human sexuality on a most spiritually profound level of depth and understanding..
it is not all about seduction and lust when there is PASSION to be ignited from our SOULS..

She was well known for teaching humans about LOVE. 

:"Aine was well known for teaching humans about love, and she did so in two separate and distinct ways. In the first way, Aine become lovers with human men, and in the second way, which was the one that she used more frequently, she taught humans how to walk in spirituality, unity and love with the Goddess Danu. When Aine did offer her love to human men she conceived a great many children, and by doing so, it is believed that she gave birth to a magickal Faerie-Human race.

Many stories exist regarding Aine and her mortal lovers. One story tells of how King Ailil Olom of Munster attempted to force his affections upon her. Aine had no way of protecting herself at that time, so rather then being raped by him, she had no other choice but to kill him.
In a later story, Gerald, Earl of Desmond came upon Aine while she was bathing in a river, and this time she was unable to protect herself from being raped. Through that violent and dishonorable act, Aine became pregnant and eventually gave birth to a son, the second Earl Gerald. The elder Earl, who fancied himself an excellent magician, did receive retribution for what he had done, when Aine was finally able to use her magick and turned him into a goose.
There is another version of that tale as well. One day, while Aine was swimming in a river, an Irish Earl who just happened to be passing by stole her cloak, and then refused to return it to her until she agreed to marry him. With a heavy heart Aine agreed to his terms, and she did, indeed, keep her word and marry him, and some time later she gave birth to a baby boy. It should be noted, however, that in this particular version of the story, it was Aine’s son who was the talented magician, not his father. In the hope of gaining her freedom from the Earl, Aine struck a deal with him, the terms of which stated that he could never show even the slightest bit of surprise at anything their son might do, because if he did Aine would gain her freedom.
Eventually, the day finally arrived when the Earl witnessed his son perform the most amazing trick, and he found himself unable to hide his surprise from anyone. It was then, and for that reason, that Aine gained her freedom, and she returned back to the sidhes to live happily, once again, with the Faeries. This story is only one example of how intelligence, ingenuity and determination, which are all qualities of the Divine Feminine, were able to aid Aine, thereby allowing her to free herself from the Earl’s patriarchal bondage.


GODDESS AINE, was the Peoples Goddess. She gave them so much & in return they LOVED her endlessly.... 


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