Do you really BELIEVE in this stuff ? ☺️

Most times when situations arise ..
all one ever wishes to do is 
go into ego mode full 
It's time to take a step back ..
and age old sayin..
"If you ain't got nothin nice to say, learn to keep your big mouth shut." 
or if your words are in no way helpful to the situation ..
by all means ..
What good are you when you're blowing your own fuse ??
Eye like to warn people not to take it there and allow me my space needed before Jennie from the block makes a visit lol ..

Only half kidding ..
Once upon a time it really use to be like that ..
Faeries are short .. So short fuse Central ..

but once the Angelic DNA activates ..
Short fuse becomes long fuse with a timer lol 

just kidding ..
But seriously we all have our limits ..
mine are just Jesus spectacular oriented ...

Although I have yet to learn to take a physical blow and not react ..
You know that Jesus visual..
Slap one cheek & here let me give you another ..
More like slap my cheek ..
say what ..
You're lucky to be standing ..
Faeries are afterall secret ninjas ..
Not so secret anymore ..
or is it ?
Eye say Faery & what resonates deeply within your being ??
are Faeries fairytale / tales of the land of make believe ...
Is it silly me to associate myself with such an elemental ? Is it just as silly when eye reference the Angels ? 
Where does your BELIEF exist & where does it draw its limitations ? Expressions ? Understandings ? 
How CLEAR are YOU with your own understanding of what really is real ?? 
Is ANYTHING really possible ? Or is that just something cool you learned to say but fathom what it truly means ??
Enchanting Babble enlightens you to think ..
Planting seeds inside your Majesty ..
Aligning your rhythms and beats ..
Enchanting Sweets..
Yummy ..

Question your own understandings of everything you think you believe and REFLECT ... And only BELIEVE what truly resonates with your soul. You will KNOW the feeling because it will FEEL RIGHT! & there is no dispute when something FEELS right .. Cause it is what it is ... 

Light & Happiness 
To you 

THANK YOU for dropping down this rabbit hole Wonderland Adventure 

Dreamer, Dream Out Loud with me ☺️
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