Welcome to the JUNGLE - 61 Kent Avenue - BROOKLYN, New York

Yesterday I happened to stumble upon a BEAUTIFUL JUNGLE, right here in the HEART of BROOKLYN. I mean literally, I couldn't Believe my eyes ☺️ it felt like such a Magical, most BEAUTIFUL SURPRISE. It was like stepping into another part of the world. 

In my passing this JUNGLE of LOVE creation, I wasn't too sure if it was even OPEN to the Public but because the Jungle was calling out to me, I had to give it a try ...


My friend & I were greeted & WELCOMED by the Beautiful caretaker of this GORGEOUS JUNGLE inside the Heart of BROOKLYN. She welcomed us to take a look around, offering us assistance if we so need. Enthusiastically I began to immediately ask many questions as to the meaning / purpose behind such a BEAUTIFUL creation. 

So pleasant was she, the cute caretaker of this beautiful Jungle to graciously explain that the Jungle is a place of a small group of innovative PLANT LOVERS & DESIGNERS that are here to CREATE a call for green space inside of NYC

Not only do they DESIGN & model gardens to your hearts desires, they also created this most BEAUTIFUL showroom complete with outdoor furnishings and accent details that are 
for those whom wish to come in and BREATHE in this truly BREATHTAKING JUNGLE experience. There are even places for those who come by to sit and relax, assisting those in finding their oasis of zen. 

I mean once you walk inside, your EYES will
LIGHT up with absolute LOVE & APPRECIATION for the BEAUTY & such wonderful care that goes into this
BROOKLYN Showroom.

They even have a cute friendly adorable cat that walks around greeting everyone who visits.

The JUNGLE is this Kitty's home & what a beautiful Sanctuary he lives in.

The JUNGLE offers a great selection of plants, garden accessories & outdoor furnishings & the Designers here work steadily together to CREATE the ambiance of SERENITY that you seek. 

People are even able to rent out their Showroom for SPECIAL Occasions. Like to me, this is absolutely AMAZING!! 

Just recently they catered to & set up their showroom to accommodate a BEAUTIFUL wedding. The JUNGLE is also the place to go to for some YOGA. Like, how incredible it is to meet in such a beautiful Natural environment to get some much needed YOGA on.. The more this Beautiful Caretaker/Designer spoke, the more impressed & in awe I became. 

Check out their Plant Hospital ❤️❤️❤️☺️

In all my excitement & Engagment with everything she was expressing to us, we exchanged all social media contact information & totally forgot to share our names.  Lol 

I mean that is how engrossed & lively was our first meeting of JUNGLE minds. It makes me laugh at how easily one can become distracted by the BEAUTY being pulled inside this JUNGLE atmosphere. 

Even though this place is  
OPEN to the public 
and you are WELCOME & ENCOURAGED to step inside, relax, sit down, meditate, ask questions & find your own Zen. There are ways that YOU too can make a difference in helping KEEP this beautiful place existing for more YEARS to come. 

Ways that YOU can make a difference:

1. Come by & Visit 
2. Tell ALL of your friends 
3. Donate 
4. Inquire / Learn more about their Plant Rentals, ShowRoom Space Rentals & Home Design Installations

For example: 

<<< Yesterday, there was a musical festival in Williamsburg, 90s Fest & at this event, plants from the JUNGLE were rented to place inside the Artists tents >>>> 

5. Purchase a Plant ~ they have plants available for purchase starting as low as $5 ☺️☺️☺️
6. Work with their Designers to create a garden atmosphere in your home. 

I mean there are so many ways that you CAN contribute to keeping this JUNGLE
 here for a long time inside the 
heart of BROOKLYN. 

I woke up this morning thinking about this BEAUTIFUL most SURREAL place & a smile from ear to ear took over. It truly is remarkably BEAUTIFUL place & I recommend to ALL who live or is visiting the NYC area to come down to Williamsburg & SEE this absolute BEAUTY for yourself. 

Jungles are one of the World's richest areas in animal and plant life. JUNGLES are primitive in nature and symbolic in essence because of our first known Ancestors whom were known as Hunters and gatherers and Lived primarily in the hearts of JUNGLES. It is no wonder we are instinctively drawn and at PEACE when we step inside such a place, it is a REMINDER of a home away from Home. 

& Welcome to the Jungle

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