Uncut Conceptual Dizzy Art ❤️

perceptions ..
... expressions ...

Isn't that what we SouLS are all about ???

... Imaginings ...
... Visions ...
.. Dreams ...

Journeying along & evolving into the beautiful butterfly that we are ..

Yes!! Beautiful Butterfly, walk that Rainbow Bridge Proud & overlook the landscapes below you & fly in your beauty, Sovereignty, royalty & majesty. 

Every swirl, every twirl, an energetic vibration being woven into our labyrinths...

As we journey thru ..
We live as we DO.. 
the caterpillar begins to detach from its cocoon... 

Clairovoyant Moon ..
for she speaks tales of TRANSFORMATIONS ...

swirl ..
twirl ..
... Curl ..

Lives are born ..
Set in motion as we make our swirls ..
our twirls our curls of motion .. We set them on fire with our EMOTIONS... & with our emotional cause comes our reality of effects..

spiral of beauty TRANSMUTING without really knowing ...

There's always time to take a closer look ..

My souls evolution got me hooked ..

Just allow these walls to penetrate & further reawaken everything you already are ...


naturally ..

Beauty comes from
Within ...

Breathe in this moment with me ...

I feel my own release as I continue to express myself live on these sheets ...

My Faery Blogger beats ..
as my heart skips many beats ..
sharing is never easy for anyone & although I am starting to really find this ALLL fun .. Sharing with you all so much more deeply & openly .. 
stripping my soul bear ..
shredding every care and insecurity and fear conditioned into my world that never once belonged to me ..

so you see ..
Enchanting Babble ..
not easy ..
it gets easier with every new post .. 
but the adrenaline as I write and the pulsating of my veins .. Feeling as if I am standing in front of a stage and just babbling away to this audience .. 

Like who ever really wants to listen .. We all crave to be heard .. It's what we secretly all want the most. To be loved .. To be heard to feel understood .. For someone else
To really "get me" and accept me / we / us / you / he / she .. For all that I am .. For all that we are .. 
no matter what ..

Now that's what I am talking about ..

that's unconditional love right there ..

that's what it means ..

And truthfully .. In order to RECEIVE it .. You must be the one most WILLING to GIVE it ..


unconditionally ..

unwavering .
and really meaning that shit ..

there are no contradictions of words / feelings or actions ..

because that's what you give ..
so if that is what you give ..
There is no need to ever complain ..

Because you give it ..
cause that's how you live it ..

and don't get me wrong ..
I don't mean go out there and be everyone's doormat either ..

that is a Hell No ..
& can I get an Amen after that ..

I kid you not ..
In this day and age .. I am completely intolerable of having nonsense exist around me .. I swear I live to rebuke it ..

I ain't with it ..
and I am not having it either ..
like your energy got to be decent for me to even want to associate myself with you ... I am HIGHLY SENSITIVE .. That means I am completely AWARE of every single energy force around me & being AWARE means I am
Completely conscious of many things on many levels ..

so extreme negativity ..
problematic ..
Drama looking for it addicts ..
mean spirited people ..
evil people ..
All that horribleness that exists in this world ..
I avoid like the plague .. 
hence why I am
most times alone .. 
Or with my daughter and doggies ..
and associate with others more on a need to basis .. 

This doesn't apply to my nearest and dearest at heart .. My own circle of life .. My closest of family and friends .. But even with them we all understand we have our own lives & just love catching up whenever we can ... but anyways ..
this entry is so not about any of that ..
I swear that to be fact lol 

I am
Pretty much just saying ..
I am
Intolerable to all nonsense ..

and that's me saying that ..
the "crazy" "eccentric" "kooky" "friendly" one lol 
Whatever people call me .. I've heard many names .. 

I am like a Doctor / Scientist / Research Analyst in many ways .. I sure do study for it in school / out of school / my life is SCHOOL 24/8 I swear this to be true ...

All I am
Doing day to day are these very type of things (not just for myself) but for many many many others for most of my life / ever since I was a little girl. 

Like word up lol 

I've changed my major numerous of times because I couldn't make up my mind so many things fascinate me. 

Forever will i remain a student of Life in every form and way that peaks my Faery interest. It has to interest me though .. If it doesn't .. I'm stubborn like that .. I don't wish to know anything about it .. Sort of like Politics .. I know Nothing about it .. And I don't care to know. All I know is that I never vote and this time I am, because I am
Voting for Donald Trump ..

maybe on another entry I would explain why .. Although I don't need an explaination when I wholeheartedly believe our entire Governement world ruling could suck it .. And it absolutely sucks .. And should be POSITIVELY ABOLISHED .. like yesterday ..

But this is just my opinions ..

So Donald Trump has my vote ☺️☺️☺️☺️

I don't even know what I will name
This uncut entry ..
I came here wanting to speak of butterflies and our human transformations and how much I LOVE making all these adornments / fashion jewelry accessories like I really really really do ... 

This little hobby of mine no matter what I am doing in my life, with my career.. No matter what ... This will always remain an Open business because I really believe in the power of every one these creations that I make. It's not about the money. Because truthfully if no piece ever sells, I HAPPILY get to KEEP every single one of these for myself and
WEAR them
For ME Because I LOVE every single thing i make and it's NEVER easy letting
Any of them
Go ..

I know the wonderful
Energy and love that
I put behind every one of these pieces & I also get to learn more deeply about each Crystal & it's an HONOR to rock out in something that I KNOW no one else on this ENTIRE planet is wearing ....

Like that makes
because truly, Eye Am One of a kind and they really are beautiful and pretty. And whenever I do wear them, many people comment and say something about whichever piece i am wearing .. And they are always shocked to hear that I made it ... So it feels good either way & I also get to give them as wonderful gifts. So this here little hobby of mine is like
Me sharing with you my personal accessory closet because it's all about raising this earth and its vibrations so much soul with love and light & this is my pleasure ...

Anyways ..

That's all I have to say for now ...

Thank you so much for joining me inside of Enchanting Babble Wonderland may you exit dizzy ☺️


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