Three of Fire Angelic Oracles ❤️

The Angels were calling & obediently I answer to their call & here is a message being delivered to All whom wish to receive .. 
THREE of FIRE speaks ..
CONGRATULATIONS, for this is your GOLDEN time of CELEBRATION & SUCCESS! Feel this energy vibrating deep inside, you are FIRE blazing to LIFE. However things may be this is no time for you to rest just yet for there is still so much left to do. You need to keep up with the momentum of your TRANSFORMATION & be in absolute gratitude for every success even if it at this time it is only a feeling you have stirring deep inside. Keep up with all your projects & keep moving FORWARD with POSITIVITY / PASSION & FIRE.  Take a step back and REVIEW all that you've done and then CREATE a BLUEPRINT for your BEAUTIFUL future. You need to look at things with an EYE to the LONG TERM. 


You should be feeling so absolutely good right now about how far you've come along. BE proud of every part of your journey and it's ok to Acknowledge in PRAISE every step you have taken every single day. SELF LOVE is HONORARY to our souls. This is not a time to rest, so KEEP MOTIVATED / STRONG & BELIEVING .. Because truth is BELIEVING is SEEING as well as taking ALL necessary ACTIONS to move you FORWARD in alignment with every part of you. It's important to keep the FIRE of ENTHUSIASM burning for the heights you will ATTAIN. Best way to feel ENTHUSIASTIC is to be ENTHUSIASTIC / JOYFUL & POSITIVE. BELIEVE in the POWER & FIRE in you to make all of your dreams come true. Patience is REQUIRED while you await RESULTS from your previous acts/Decisions. Let go of time & stay enthusiastic & believing in your expectancy of RECEIVING all that you put out into this world. Use this time to further EXPLORE the possibilities for how to PROMOTE your business and talents. You are a TALENTED / BEAUTIFUL soul with so much to offer this world. Find your niche & FLY .. Additional meanings of this card: managing people successfully. A thriving business. Self satisfaction. Seeking wise counsel. Taking an important job. Business travel 

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