Seals Of Approval ~ Spirit Animal Wisdom ❤️

It's time to surrender to your imaginative impulses that are begging to be expressed in some form or another. Get creative!

If Seal has come swimming into your life;

It’s time to pay close attention to your imagination and insight both in the waking state as well as in your dream time. A lot of what you imagine generally has a strong basis in reality, no matter how far-off it may seem. Seal is bringing you the clear and distinct message that it is time for you to allow your creativity and your imagination to soar and to follow through on your dreams.

If Seal is your Animal Totem;

You are highly imaginative and very creative. You need activities that channel and direct your imagination and creativity. Hearing and balance is also very important for a Seal totem. Learn to listen to your inner self and balance your life to it. Your dreams are very significant and vivid and constantly feed your creative imagination. It is important for you to stay in touch with your body’s natural rhythms – if you are hungry, eat; if you are tired, rest.

Additional Associations with Seal…

Lucid Dreaming
Protection from Danger
Protection During Change
Inner Voice
Movement Through Emotions
Good Luck
Security in Love
Spiritual Understanding

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