PMS notices lol

I've noticed that it's never your family or close personal friends whom show you the most support & encouragement. It usually comes from strangers or acquaintances. I've learned to let go of not receiving the love & support from family and friends as i so would wholeheartedly desire, but I will not be discouraged because of their lack of support. I will always support and send my love & blessings to each of them & I hold no ill feelings towards most of them at ALLL. I do have to make a note of this because when I use to hear this statement before I couldn't understand what would possess another to make / state such a claim ...

But EYE see now ..
I totally understand ..
It is the way it is & since I am Writer & Pmsy and moody .. I desire at this moment to share this vent of expressive emotion. 

And because I just wrote about this ...

I (eye) FEEL a whole lot better. 

It's not about sweeping under the carpet our feelings or things we notice that we may not like .. In my opinion I feel it's best to express them and deal with it so that way you do not become prisoner to negativity floating around within.  

THANK YOU to everyone who has been so kind, loving & supportive. 

My soul & heart, THANK YOU ❤️
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