Harley Quinn's Expiration Joke

It's tiring hearing the same song and dance

over and over and over again..

fed with the same bullshit ..
time after time..
always the same sorry of an excuse lines he use..
puddin not amused..

figuring it all out...
turning me into some type of riddler..
better get my fiddler.. 

cause ...

is not working for me ...
court jesters team..
not fit for the Queen..
too many Jokes on her schemes..
Time to release.. 

this is not the least bit interesting or nurturing to my Love ..
love not playing fair ...
it's always about him and his own stupid wins. 

this superficiality of so not a mystery...
see I did get my degree.. 
Psycho Trickery..
Joker Deep..

Puddin, this is Love..
JOker, full of Choke Hers..

get over yourself..

time to come undone..
unmask this Holy Grail.
no more run and fun..
without my loaded gun..
for His Love is Cruel..
as all my tears snap..
crackling zaps..
as I cock back..
Yes, I fire...
Joker's Expired

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