Enchanting Vibrations ...

Woke up and have experienced all day / night these intense magnetic vibrations that are pulling me somewhere ..
it's truly intense & these are just my words that come to
Mind to explain this surreal moment in time ❤️

This intensity of this pull ..
this vibration pulsating thru every part of my being ..
all day this enchanting ineffable magnetic stirring ..
the vibrations are
Loud ..
it's as if I am
Floating inside of a cloud ..
I hear my thoughts loud as they still ..
this pulling I feel calling me over ..
But where ? 
where does this vibration come from ..
It's as if being inside a mothers womb ..
Whoosh whoosh ..
it's pulsating ..
I feel myself being pulled and so I close my eyes to SEE clearly ..
to listen ..
and this beat won't stop ..
Woke up today with such a high intense energetic vibration ..
the sound heard clearly inside of my ears ..
Humming ..
Buzzing ..
But it's this pull..
I feel this pull.. 
Best way to describe this magnetic vibe pulsating me to FEEL conscious &  alive .. Ever so more real .. I FEEL.. 
What's the deal .. 
This magnet surreal ..
Tingling sensations ..
I feel this vibrations ..
What could this all mean ..
I'm literally vibrating ..
This magnet calling out to me & drawing me in ..
Where am I to go ..
Now this I may not know but this vine forever alive ..
inside ..
Collected .
Enchanted am i by this magnetic surprise ..
A ghost calling out to me from the distance ..
I hear your call 
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