HAPPY & EXCITED to ReLaunch EMSTONES with this ENCHANTING 20/20 Sale. All of my handcrafted ENCHANTING MAGIKAL STONES are truly 1 of a KIND, UNIQUE, HIGHLY ENERGETICALLY CHARGED. So much LOVE, ART, craft and time goes into each and every one of these HEALING CRYSTALS & every single healing Crystal is made in Absolute Love. All of these Crystals are designed with YOU in mind to further enhance and encourage you along your beautiful SOUL JOURNEY. It's CRYSTAL FASHION serving our Divine Souls purpose. I get all giddy and TEARY eyed writing this, because 1. I am overly emotional & 2. So much LOVE & LIGHT is poured into all of this you have no idea ... I THANK each & every one of you for your constant ENCOURAGEMENT & SUPPORT in all my endeavors, it absolutely means the WORLD to me. So here we go .. 20 enchantingly selected handcrafted pieces made by me being offered to YOU at $20 each + s/H .. Please note all pieces chosen are 1 of a kind so it really is first come, first serve.  
If you select 2 pieces you get another Enchanting sweet Deal of 2 for $30 & if you purchase 3 or more FREE SHIPPING .. I mean how SWEET of a DEAL of a Steal is that .. ☺️☺️☺️ I will be posting pieces thruout the day in a variation of ways & if you are interested please be so kind as to send me an EMAIL of your order / inquiry as all purchase transactions are handled via PayPal. Included with your order will be all the information in regards to your Crystal Stone being received as well as a one card Tarot Oracle Message, just FOR YOU!!! #ThankYoU #Enchanting #Sale #EMStones #EnchantingMagikalStones #Handcrafted #MadeWithLove #Just4You #Fashion #Accessories #Healing #Crystals #1ofAKind #Goddess #Empowerment #Crystal #Artisan #Healer #HollywoodsGypsy #FearlessDreamerCollectibles 

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