Earth Angel Goddess Oracles ❤️

With the powerful emergence of last nights Super soul transformative blood moon we are met with the end of difficult times. It's time to open our hearts in acceptance to this wonderful new wave of energies being presented & have an attitude of expectancy in KNOWING that things are better NOW. 
Fortunately, endings are always followed by NEW BEGINNINGS. 
A change of of scenery for the better. Completion of prior tasks are now underway making room for FRESH NEW OPPORTUNITY. there's no where to go but up. A NEW person may be entering the picture & any existing relationship now undergoes a new phase / stage & age. It's a NEW DAY!! A NEW budding romance may be in the works or the RENEWAL Of one from your past. A current relationship may enter a NEW phase. Brighter Days ahead. It is important to keep your heart chakra opened and balanced allowing yourself the FREEDOM of heart felt loving expression. It is IMPORTANT to be able to share your thoughts, feelings & emotions with those you are most intimate with. This is a time of HEIGHTENED INTUITION & Psychic abilities so finding time to meditate and infuse every part of your senses together assisting in keeping your own inner HARMONY, LOVE & PEACE. for we are responsible for the energy we project and choose to keep. Pay attention to your DREAMS & if you have not already begin to keep a DREAM journal & at least once a week read back and explore the hidden realms inside of your dream oracle world.  Romance is highlighted & the arts.. Art Expressions from ones heART keeps our whole entire being aligned with our souls shine. Our Imagination is the gateway to our future developments. Live to express your soul authentically in contributing your energetic vibrations to increasing and raising this earths vibrations & frequencies to that of LOVE & LIGHT #Namaste #Earth #Angel #Faery #Oracles #TenOfAir #PageOfWater #New #Beginnings #Romance #Intuition #Change #Transformation #Positivity #Dare2BelieveInYourPower2SucceedBeyondYourWildestDreams #EnchantingBabbleDreams #GypsyBloggerExtraOrdinaire #HollyWoodsGypsy #Divine #Esoteric #Messages #For #Soul #Guidance #LoveGoddess 💋
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