Degaz Rune Oracles ❤️

It's funny that I draw this rune today because all day yesterday every which way I turned I swear I saw this symbol .. & voila synchronistically the very next day it has made its way into my view with breathtaking news. Believe in the power of synchronicity in your life. Know that when you AWAKEN to your divine senses and use more than your 5 usual senses that we are conditioned to only rely on ~ know that when you OPEN your 3rd Eye Shines, a new world of ENLIGHTENMENT shows forth & you will begin to SEE life for everything that it truly is ... We are all connected & collectively we share so much more in common then we are conditioned to believe. Raise your own vibrations & UNDERSTAND there is more to this life then working your ass off for chump change / stressing for days / chasing some American Dream Optical illusion ... There is BREAKTHROUGH when you SEE yourself Thru and REALIZE the true divinity of everything we truly are ... I love Runes they are so sexy in my book which is why I am naturally drawn to them .. This BREAKTHROUGH sees me thru in every which way .. I stay transcending / transforming / mutating for days in every single way .. Hey what can I say .. It's in my DNA .. #Namaste #Ancient #Germanic #Runes #Dagaz #Breakthrough #Esoteric #Knowledge #Wisdom #Divine #Guidance #BelieveReceiveAchieve #EnchantingBabbleDreams 
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