Upside Down Clarity Spells of VISION ❤️

Woke up to practice some headstands on this bed of mine ..
Lord knows I need some type of cushioning in order for me to break thru all of my scaredy cat fears of .... 

What is it ???
Is it fear of falling ??
Fear of losing control ???
Fear of snapping my neck ???

I mean these things sound scary ..
But I swear that's not it ....

(((( I still have no idea why I am so fearful turning myself upside down in any position when I use to do these things so fearlessly as a younger child... & for the most part I have excellent control & balance ... I really should explore this thought process further for myself .. )))))

Maybe it's the reality of life being upside down & it is a reminder of what gravity's job feels like ..

Yup ..
This is the kind of Uncut Enchanting Babble that takes place when I wake up and practice my headstands against a wall on my bed while rotating & Stretching my legs every which way ...

I also began sneezing uncontrollably when I as gracefully as I could .. Controlled & relaxed my body / my legs back down ...

getting off of my own head ..

Off of your head!! 


I was also very conscious of my skulls meridian points of cosmic flow being pressed & stimulated early this morning ...

Bringing me back to my dreams ..
Know what I mean jellybean ???

Sweeping changes are taking effect ...

Good Morning Sun 

What is your morning flow like ?? 

Do you RISE with the true intentions of SHINING BRIGHT ??

This is NOW the moment of your life when everything YOU do counts ...

EVERYTHING you conjure up into existence becomes your ultimate reality...

How do we conjure into existence our realities ???

Hmm.. Answer is simple as can be ...

We conjure our realities ..

By matching our 

Frequencies of 

Our WORDS of POWER ...
That TRANSFORM into our PHYSICAL ACTIONS/reactions ..
Our words of POWER must Match our ACTIONS in order to remain in alignment with our SOULS desires & for the added icing on the cake in order to MANIFEST desirable results OUR words must match our ACTIONS.. YES..
For our EMOTIONS ignite our FUEL & UNIVERSALLY do EXACTLY what we FEEL deep inside .. Because no matter what we SAY . And no matter what we DO ... If our FEELINGS do not match 1000% with our ACTIONS & WORDS ...
It doesn't matter what we say or do what we are ONLY ATTRACTING .. Is exactly how we FEEL inside ...

Think about it Lovers ..

Do your WORDS, ACTIONS & FEELINGS always align ..
Or is there something happening that is messing up this Alchemical personal FREEDOM we so do Possess ...

I swear being upside down on top of my head is my Yogi Clarity Spell..
I put a spell on me ..
So that I may CONSCIOUSLY set my POSITIVE ALIGNED INTENTIONS for this day ..

NOW is our FOREVERS ...

Good morning Sun ..
As I WRITE .. 
She shines BRGHT on me ...

Please do SEE ...
In our own PEACEFUL inner Alignment ..


Feel your Upside down ..
Let us press down Hard and pierce our own CROWNS into our skulls ..
Reactivate to ACTIVATE our cosmic Universal senses ..
This is not the hippie Faery Earth Angel Goddess in me Freestyling organic consumptions...

My soul LOVES & HONORS every Soul on earth & I WISH for ALL to AWAKEN to their TRUE Divinity ...

We are ONE ..
we are infinite ..

Let's RISE & motherFudgin SHINE..
Fk the things in this world ..
in our lives that we do not like ...

Perception is key ..
We turn that bad boy around and FIND for ourselves THE GOOD TO SEE in all that is to be ... So that we are ALWAYS vibrating HIGH no matter the horrid conditioning times these earthly lies .. spilled over time to be swallowed in our lives .. Poison alive .. Living our lives .. In misery & soul disconnected ...

These are the days of our lives ...
Step out of the mass genecide ..
Step in ALIGN ..
Soul dignified ..
Reclaim your 

The tree of LIFE ..
Our TREE of LIFE is rooted within ...
Do Not Choose Sleep my Soul Friends..

I know it's not easy to snip snap & align away .. But I SWEAR with daily QUALITY practice (FK Quantity .. 5 minutes a day ... AWAKENS your SOUL each day ... Rising & shining in NEW GLORIOUS FOUND WAYS .. Kindly believe what I say ... We carry infinite limitless potential))) with DAILY QUALITY MINUTES .. Let's call it 7 minutes in HEAVEN .. You CAN & WILL TRANSFORM your life ..
BELIEVE this POWER within you ...
We are MAGICALLY & COSMICALLY delicious ..
We are burst of Starseeds activating their POTENTIAL ..

These are the days of our Soul Patrol ..

Stay TRUE to your Soul ..
This is our SOULS SCREAMS ..
Beckoning .. 
For our RISE ...
Now is our time ...
Gypsy Free 
Let's all wander inside of Wonderland on top of our heads ...
BLESSINGS a..Head ..

Power to the Potato Heads 
Taste your Rainbow ..

THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL SOULS for dropping down Enchanting Babble's Wonderland Rabbit Hole of Soul Explorer Adventures... 

Remember to ALWAYS wear your metaphorical BRA ..


MAny Faery Blessings of Love, Light, Healing, Protection & AbunDANCE to you ALL ...

DREAMERS UNITE & let's INFUSE our Do for we are overdue ...

NOW is our time to FEEL the MAGIC ALL AROUND & BELIEVE ..


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