Prophetic Bites ❤️

You may say as you like
for why should
I care ..
The truth is in the pudding darling ...
forced ways are no ways to get
Your ways ..
you stay miserable
For days ..
what can I say ..
I am..
All about that
Herba life ..
back in the day being called a herb was like the word to say ..
herbs play that neurotic psychotic mask play ..
in your face ..
they ain't got shit to say ..
talk about ..
"Omg, like your hair it's like so pretty."
Bite into my sour apple indeed..
Never mistake me being kind for being mistaken for some
Type of herb ..
cause the inferno within me would love nothing more than to burn you down to size ..
real quick ..
Flip of a switch ..
but I'll let you burn yourself ..
Chika Chika ..
boom boom ..
when you fake ..
you awake ..
burnt and over baked ..
tootles noodles ..
you really are no worry of mine ..
I pity the fool who didn't appreciate Mr.T & his muscle philosophy ..
Being a bully ..
being a human snake ..
being wicked, mean & cruel ...
Blue moon news ...
Ride is over 

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