Love is All We Are ❤️

Woke up in the mood to write ..
the fire within bursting to life ..
this feels so right ..
so much to say ..
igniting my own linguistic wave staying in my elemental flow of ancient royal Scribe Goddess ..
Alive here in the flesh ...
<<<<< quick someone get her, her meds>>>>>>> 
Could this be PMS? 
PreMadonna Syndrome ..
Blasphemous ...
I am done with my PMS..
All of me ..
is in me ..
AWARE, you SEE??
This here, written Destiny ..
Archery, my finest sport. 
What you thought ? 
Love, will not rise? 
Stupid crypt lies ..
Black heart demise..
The Joker brings out the Riddler inside of me ..
Harley Quinn's heart, she bleeds..
Such tragedy, but it's all over ..
Folk lore speaks ..
Rise of the Creeps..
In Love & War, we Weep..
Bunch of cradle robbers ..
Uncut disasters ..
Trade Masters..
even trade for a soul that loves to hate ...
I choose to Debate..
This Soul SHOUTS out, rape..
Conditioned Rape ..
They rape our seeds before our mothers even Bleed & baby comes out, he screams ...
such blood soaked nightmares seen..
Seer, she Sees...
We forget to Remember ..
My heart ripped from its chest ...
my poetic Strip of heart drenched in Earth's agony ...
Riptide within me ...
Blasting these streets ...
New Age of Originals ..
Cosmic forming transitionals..
It's a fkn MIRACLE..
Miracle on 34th Street ..
360 degree turning SWEEP..
Gods & Goddesses 
AWAKE here on Earth ..
Universe burp..
Intergalactic ..
It's fkn fantastic 
Smiling semi automatic ..
Love has been drained last final drop..
With LOVE there is no 
This unconditional WAVE ..
New Wave Craze 
LOVE is the ONLY WAY! 
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