Uncut society of Soul Robbers ❤️

For it is not 
who causes me 
for it is my thoughts That cause me my pain ..
in understanding this little fiddle of a riddle ..
you are released 
To continue to be ..
the Monster That you indeed 
for those you wreak havoc on ..
may they release you too ..
power of the Ancient Birth of scribes bursting to life Enchanting my own world with my 
Curly swirls ..
The Power of Words..
so mote them be more ...
true ..
Eyes release 
you ..
Big Bang 
My thoughts aligning me ..
with my divine power within ..
Give poetic freestyle a little spin ..
My motors in ...
Fresh direct ..
I introspect ..
pluck the roots of the seeds ..
conditioning ..
unconditioning ..
Plant my rooted seed of my tree of life ..
within me ...
Power over me ...
I stand firm ..
So mote it be ❤️
My Power is me ...


Some may call that poem and say hey that sounds a bit sort of witchy ..
she must be a witch casting a spell ..

But let me ask you something ..

The words we speak to communicate ...
Are these not our living breathing spells .. Testaments ..
The things we forge into our existence ..
Our reality ...
Shoot me I do it poetically ?? 
Btw art is me ..
Art is too too ..
If you are not painter of your words your field your holy ground ..
Please kindly do tell me ..
Who is ?? 

I would much rather passionately and powerfully while be the poetess that is me speak eloquently the powerful affirmations I desire and seek to be rooted in me like a royal majesty...

Art is me ..
Funk what you think ..
Perceive ..

What you perceive ..
Is only your own truth ..
doesn't make it anyone else's ..

Uncut raw enchanting mix ..
It's expressed to hit not Diss ..
Ancient Mystics in town ..
Believe me ..
There is more of us around ..
We are all just trying to figure out our own shit to this ..
Rhythms and blues ..
We are not humans awakening to our souls existence ..
We are souls awakening to our own remembering ...
Awakening to who we really are ...
If you think for a second any one of us has this shit figured out yet ..
Hahahhaha you have got to be fuggin kidding me ...
That's the thing you see ..
Eliminate all that judging ..
finger pointing ..
stabbing ..
Viciousness ..
Hate ...

Is this what you honestly love to live to create ??

I say ..

What a waste ...
I turn my crazy into art & even when I do that many a times people still have something "off" the meters to say ..

I'm like hey dude / dudettes go away .. 
With your judgement theories and vicious cycle of this societal conditioning ..

I mean do you really feel this way ?? Or do you think you do ?? Because of the way you have been conditioned to think / see / hear / taste and wipe your ass ...

Don't think me bad cause I say DuHh ..

Rebel soul fanatic ..
Turning into a spiritual evolutionary star seed addict. I be letting out my semi auto matics bucking shots ..

I call them uncut many a times ..
When I'm raw ..
I call that more divine ..
Soul rhythms sublime coming to life ...

Silence is your enemy 

My expressions ..
My truth ..
Is the most Realest thing for me ..
and no I won't back down please ..
That idea is insulting to me ..
It's like a slap to my own intelligence ..
I may be breezy but my soul ain't ever easy especially with all this nonsense going on over here on Mother Earth. 

I for once am pleased with myself for always being different ..
Thinking different ..
Feeling different ...

it wasn't always this way either ..
So I appreciate how far I have come along in accepting myself ...

I don't desire to be like any of you ...
Not trying to insult either ..
I am sure if you're here reading you are part of the sweet divine ..
Blessings to you ..
But still.. 
I will always rather rock it out as me..
The all of me ..
Multiple emo personality ..
Earth Angel Faery Goddess ..
Uncut huntress ..
Debunks societal standards ..
always & forever I will adore ..
this ancient fun lore ..
Cause eye know there is so much more out there that many miss to see / hear / taste and feel ...

Believe me this shit is real ..
We are not crazy ..
What's crazy is believing we are ...
If you don't feel right it's cause something is not right ...
This medical environment of quack diagnosis has this entire planet addicted to numbing themselves from BEING..

We are being robbed of BEING ...

All those stories of stealing our souls ..

Truth Be told ...


Who is robbing you of your divine soul contact ????????

Artifact ...
You are !!! 

Soul robbers ..

If you don't hear the Gods roaring loud now ...

Go get find your damn hearing aid ..

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