E.M.Stones Crystal Point Fiery Love Long Beaded Necklace ❤️

This Quartz point long Beaded chain is all about making simple, yet bold fiery statements ... 

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Named after a Slavic word meaning "hard", quartz has been used as a sacred power object by many cultures, including Native Americans, Druid priests, Tibetan monks, and priests of Christian Europe.

Quartz, a Gift from the Earth
Quartz crystals are truly a gift from the earth.  They have the ability to amplify or strengthen all the energies of the Inner Being, which is everything you are as a person.  They strengthen all the things in you that are positive, and they can help you put away things that cause you fear or anger.  They can strengthen your ability to be a loving person, and can enhance your abilities to enjoy life and accomplish the things you want in life.  They can amplify intention, reduce stress, help with centering (balancing or calming), strengthen inner healing abilities, and surround you with protection by amplifying white light.  And they can make it easier to take steps toward personal growth.

The reason quartz is called the master stone is that it strengthens all your energies in a very broad spectrum sort of way.  In order to use a quartz crystal to strengthen your energies, all you have to do is keep it with you, or keep it close to where you spend some time.  You don't need to do anything special to the crystal in order to have its benefits.  For example, if you carry a quartz crystal point in your pocket, it will act as a general amplifier that will strengthen all of your personal energies at the same time.

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