EMStones Auction Fridays ❤️❤️

So this is going to be my first live Auction ever so when I say that I have no idea what I am doing here .. I'm not kidding lol we all learn as we Go.. That's how we GrOw ☺️☺️ SOOo anyways .. Welcome to #EMStonesAuctionFridays WOOHOO .. 😝😝😝 & here is how it's to go down .. Anyone & everyone is FREE to play as long as you're willing to pay is the only real rules to this game ... 

Either way I am excited for whomever decides to play, for I have yet to still decide what piece will go up for this auction at 7am TODAY 😝 The suspense is killing me lol 😝 but of course whatever piece is chosen would be so random in my choosing .. Wild & free as many things should be.  It's best when Gypsies are left to just be ... It leaves an element of surprise for many of our 3rd Eye Blinds .. I'm even more excited about of all this because I have never done this before, so I feel the rush of this even more, its this adrenaline, a natural high. Feels good & I am all about feeling good & I can't wait to meet the Goddess who gets to SHARE in this moment with me when receiving their chosen piece. I want this to always be special. #EnchantingMagikalStones are made with every loving intention to Transform the world of the Goddess it was made for ....every piece is truly ONE of its kind. There is no other out there just like it, just like YOU! These Crystals serve as our own self reminders of how SPECIAL & one of kind we each individually are & these stones celebrate our true divinities. These pieces are meant to be owned & it is an honor to be able to gift to you this crystallized treasure. #MadeWithLove #eyeMadeThisJust4You 

Crystals carry their own energy source of power that can be of so much benefit and service to our own  (w)holistic needs & that's what EMSTones is all about. Servicing our needs on a WHOLE.. 

Crystals can serve as our reminders into who we are on a whole.  As we become more & more AWARE / AWAKENED/ENLIGHTENED & the more clarity we receive keeping us in tune to our own rhythm & blues .. Allow Crystals to Serve to remind you of the true  energetic being that YOU are, powerfully omitting out into our shared universe your very own frequencies & vibrations. 

Crystals are beautiful & worn as adornments even more beautiful. It's not about what you wear, it's all about how you wear it. I say let's rock out with our Crystal Bright Light Shine. 

So mucH LOVEEE goes into EVERY one of these #FearlessDreamerCollectibles I hate to see any of them go.. I swear I would keep them all for myself lol but what good would that really do ? Lol AnyhoO so here are the rules ..
1. Play if you're only willing to pay
2. Starting bid is $3.00 (bidding begins at 7am .) 
3. When making your bid make sure it's following in the alignment of bids (check last comment made for highest bidder) follow in accordance please 
4. Bidding ends 7pm
5. Whomever was the LAST bid (Last comment) made before 7pm will be declared Winner of the piece being auctioned off. 

I think it's pretty simple to play .. If you have any inquiries send me a DM message & I will happily respond to all inquiries. Do not make inquiries on comment feed of Auction piece. Only comments allowed to be on Auction Feed are the bids. All other comments will be deleted. 

Same gratituities apply with Auctioned off  piece  ~ FREE TAROT card Reading with purchase  

Thank you so much for your time, support, encouragement & your curiosities. I wish you all a beautiful day & I hope you come out to play. Who knows maybe the piece chosen for this auction is calling out your name. 

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