Bosom Lovers ❤️

I woke up this morning with my eyes closed & I said to myself ...
Stretch Beautiful, for its a new day ...
with my eyes closed ..
I stretched & I stretched & with each stretch I let out this quiet moan of a release ...
In between these sheets ..
wow what a release ... 
I smile because I am pleased ..
it is now 7:17 & I am ready for the world ..
The Angels are smiling & they are proud ..
cause even when I am kicked down on the ground ..
I never back down ..
& I pick myself right back up ..
cause that's what's up ..
I wear this Goddess Crown all over town ..
you can hate me now ..
& I will rise & shine aligned with my rhythm & beats ..
offering of Peace ..
that's what it feels like to be bursting alive from the inside ...
there's no hijacking this ride..
We do cause we have died billions of times ...
Rise & Shine buttercup ..
sip from the sweet juices of my nectar ..
Our sudden explosive rapture ..
your Love, My love, our hearts capture ..
unified sweet disaster ..
your taste is everything I am after ..
bosomed lovers erotica of passions unleashed ...
feel the heat ..
true loves Summertime 
madness ..

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