Butterfly Cry

Insignificant one
Impossible Dream
Butterfly drifting away
Captured in my sleep
For I am your favorite butterfly
But she is your favorite dream
Two captured hearts lost at sea...
And I am only the butterfly inbetween...
The imposter of your lifetime!
Flitting away disillusioned dreams
The irony is decapitating
I should of seen your misery...
You settled for what was available
me being your temporary escape
While you kept your love reserved for someone else other than me
The captivating butterfly held on tightly
only momentarily...
You want her but she no longer needs you so you infiltrate unto me
Loving me wearily
Dreaming of her
Holding on to me
Loving me carefully
not setting your butterfly free
because if you can not have her you've settled for me
Butterfly Cry! Butterfly Dream!
Butterfly Cry for Love has deceived me!
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